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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Timmah Confirmed for UFC 81: Boiling Point

That's right, Tim Sylvia, the fighter everyone loves to hate (except me of course) has told the world that he is confirmed to fight at UFC 81: Boiling Point... you know, the same event that Brock "Cocksword" Lesnar is on against Frank Mir.

Well, Sylvia being the true company man is keeping tight lipped about his opponent who we all know to be Minotauro Nogueira "Big Nog" because Randy Couture chicken shat his way out of the match.

Dana White had better make this Heavyweight fight a legitimate Championship match and stop giving hope that the love off his life, Couture will return back in his arms again to continue a relationship that even Plato wouldn't consider platonic.

Randy Couture did say in a round about way that he was tired of getting fucked by Dana didn't he?

I'm leaning toward Nog to win this fight... well, when the UFC confirms the match, of course *wink*

From the Maine-iac's blog:

December 03, 2007

I just want to apologize to everybody that i haven't been on my website or MySpace in a while. I just moved to a new house and don't have internet yet, because they have to run a new cable. So, I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks it will be up and running.

Just found out I'm fighting February 2nd, on the Super Bowl show in Las Vegas. I can't say who I'm fighting yet, but I'll let you all know as soon as I can.

P.S. To those people who know what I do for a living, the fact that Sylvia's cable installation is all fucked up really doesn't surprise me in the least. Too bad Timmah isn't living in Toronto 'cause I could hook him up faster than Sean Sherk's 'Roids dealer.

Thanks to MMAMania for the assist.

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