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Friday, September 19, 2008

Matrix 1, the Utlimate MMA movie

Did you like the scene at the beginning of The Matrix where Morpheus was talking Neo out of his office building on the cell phone? If so, you might like this.

Nick Diaz Vs Gomi

Nick and Nate Diaz both put on some awesome fights. They talk a lot of shit and both entertain in the ring or cage. This is my favorite fight of either.

Affliction garbage

Is Affliction still known for their garbage, smell of the homeless clothing line? Are they known for the home of Fedor? I still attest, a company that relies on Fedor for fame is retarded.
Anyways, I was watching a UFC fight night on SPIKE tonight, and saw a dull Afflication shirt on Bisping. Even as a Rabid MMA fan it took a moment to match the Affliction name with the fighting organization.

Houston, we have a problem, Hardee Har Har

Houston Alexander! Why can't you patch this huge ground game hole of yours. On your feet, you're one of the most exciting UFC fighters, but now everyone knows your weakness. Thanks for the couple of huge KO highlights.


The last season was a little traumatizing for me.

These are my impressions for this season based off the first episode:
Mir and Nog, are intelligent coaches. One is more fluent in English obviously.
Ringside was told to shut the fuck up during fights, especially broken record bullshit, EG. "STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!..STAND UP!......."
More talented fighters.
Rampage isn't there as an uptight disaster.
Dana toning it down. It's about a fighting contract, not Dana hour.
Mir is a camera natural, and Nog is genuine.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who said a chess match had to be entertaining?

I know it wasn't Joe Rogan. Machida andEvans are relatively despised by the hardcore MMA community. These are two of my favorite fighters.
A couple or my other favorite fighters are Tank Abbot and Nick Diaz. I like the extremes. One pair, an extremely brainless pair, the other quite the opposite. All four fighters are "hardcore MMA" rejects.
Anyways, Machida and Rashad will go undefeated until they eventually meet. It will be a true chess match. I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Inside MMA" video: Will "Kimbo Slice" be exposed?

I'm going to win the fight," Shamrock said. "I'm going to expose Kimbo. Kimbo's going to be exposed in a lot of different ways."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evan Tanner Died has a great tribute of him going.

Monday, September 8, 2008

UFC 88 Figures


– Rashad Evans ($120,000/win bonus was $60,000) def. Chuck Liddell ($500,000)
*Evans also earned an extra $60,000 for “UFC 88 Knockout of the Night”


– Rich Franklin ($100,000/win bonus was $50,000) def. Matt Hamill ($10,000)

– Dan Henderson ($250,000/win bonus was $150,000) def. Rousimar Palhares ($7,000)

– Nate Marquardt ($56,000/win bonus was $28,000) def. Martin Kampmann ($15,000)

– Dong Hyun Kim ($46,000/win bonus was $23,000) def. Matt Brown ($8,000)


– Kurt Pellegrino ($24,000/win bonus was $12,000) def. Thiago Tavares ($13,000)
*Each also earned an extra $60,000 for “UFC 88 Fight of the Night”

– Tim Boetsch ($16,000/win bonus was $8,000) def. Michael Patt ($5,000)

– Jason MacDonald ($44,000/win bonus was $22,000) def. Jason Lambert ($17,000)
*MacDonald also earned an extra $60,000 for “UFC 88 Submission of the Night”

– Ryo Chonan ($30,000/win bonus was $15,000) def. Roan Carneiro ($9,000)


(as disclosed by UFC president Dana White)
Each fighter received a $60,000 bonus for the following awards.

Fight of the Night:
– Kurt Pellegrino and Thiago Tavares

Knockout of the Night:
– Rashad Evans

Submission of the Night:
– Jason MacDonald

Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans UFC 92

Forrest is Rashad's next victim. There were many Rashad doubters in the Chuck Liddell fight.

Rashad Evans Punch Under 761 MPH

The punch didn't reach the MACH 1 required to create a sonic boom. However it was so fast, crisp and impressive the ESPN dude kept creaming his pants, exclaiming "RAY!-shad! RAY!-shaD!"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Depressed guy

You can't fall off a bandwagon much harder than this guy, HAHA!

New shirt for sale