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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Karo Parisyan Loves Women Too Much


  1. Isn't Carano the newest American Gladiator?

    I think carano could take Karo out... by decision of course 'cause that's the only way Karo's fights end :)

  2. First off, MUCH better comment method. There was no way i was going to sign up to blogger just to be able to write:

    It was great watching how uncomfortable Karo make an ass out of himself. Some one should tell him it's not 1957 and that he wouldn't be a 'poos-ee' if he thought women competing in the ring was a'ok.

    "Can't they just let us do one thing ourselves?" Haha, one thing!

  3. He's a good "tool of the day" candidate.

  4. Karo could have simply kept his mouth shut but he went out of his way to get time to spew out that bullshit. Karo is proof positive that repeated hits to the head may induce social conservatism into one's politics.

  5. I love the pic! Made me laugh.

    For the record, Karo "Do you know who the fuck I am, Bro?" Parisyan is one of my favorite fighters. He does tend to let his mouth get the better of him though.

    Then again, I've never met a bland Armenian in my life! Karo's interesting personality, Manvel's seemingly fucking half psychotic nature, and Mitichyan's love of doctors make for good entertainment! Toss some System of a Down in there and you can take the whole show on tour!


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