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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Randy Couture & Ken Shamrock HDNet Fights Video

In an interview with Randy Couture and Ken Shamrock at HDNet Fights: Reckless Abandon, both fighters dropped a few bombs for the MMA world to stay tuned in 2008 for what can only be touted as, "Unfinished Business" for both fighters.

Couture says he's gonna wait until his contract expires then go after Fedor Emelianenko sometime in October 2008 when Randy's UFC contract expires.

Ken Shamrock says he'll fight his brother, Frank Shamrock in a sibling rivalry to see who is the better Shamrock fighter.

MMA in 2008 is gonna be Craaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy!!! (Shameless Joe Rogan impression)


  1. Does HDNet have anything more to offer other than old guys? Ken Shamrock needs to retire before he gets killed in the ring. As far as Frank Shammy goes, honestly, who fucking cares about the guy?

    If the Couture/Fedor fight does happen, I hope it happens in a cage for Randy's sake. Say what you want about him, but he is a master of using the cage to his advantage. In all reality, I don't care if the fight happens or not. My love for The Natural has kind of faded after the UFC proved that he was outright lying about his contractual issues. As far as Fedor goes, well, I have never been a fan of his, nor will I ever be.

    Bring on Sylvia/Minotauro and fuck these has beens.

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Coleman or Don Frye fighting The Natural. Maybe you can a one night 40 & over Grand Prix

  3. 40+ MMA should have its on league fo show. Many MMA fans aren't 15 years old trust me ;)

    Although I act like 15 I'm closer to 35 well, I'm 35 and I'd love to see that happen somewhere and I'd pay to watch it.

    The "Old Bastards" MMA tournament would out sell Mayweather /De la Hoya in PPV buys which would turn the PPV world on its scrotum and I'd love to see that happen.

  4. If the UFC is smart, they will tie up Randy "The Diva" Couture in lawsuits if he tries to skip out without fulfilling his four fight contract. He declined the Big Nog fight and therefore, he is RETIRED (not resigned.) Try and fight elsewhere, Larry H Parker first. He'll fight for YOU!


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