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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sherk's Title Strip is a JOKE!

Leave it up to the UFC to phrase shit like no other organization that I know in a post from Thomas Gerbasi from

...the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization withdrew recognition from Sherk as UFC Lightweight Champion.

Withdrew recognition is so much nicer than STRIPPED don't you think?

Here's some lip flapping from the dude who should have had the sack between his legs to announce that Sherk's title had been "withdrawn" instead of hugging Shek's nutsack by having Gerbasi tip-toe over eggshells in a bullshit post that will get buried in a day or so.

“I have nothing but respect for Sean Sherk and I believe he’s been honest throughout this whole process,” said UFC President Dana White. “But BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson will be fighting for the lightweight title at UFC 80 on January 19th and Sean Sherk will fight the winner for the title.”

The sad reality of this situation is that Sherk is guaranteed a title fight against the winner of the Penn/Stevenson fight that was originally announced to be an interim title fight.

So where's the punishment?

Taking away Sherk's title today makes no shred of difference in the grand scheme of it all because he will still be walking into the Octagon for a title fight when he returns from CSAC exhile.

Even CSAC showed Sherk some compassion by dropping his year long suspension to six months only to see the UFC and its President, Dana White reward the confirmed cheating bastard with a title fight; the same fight as he was promised during the CSAC hearings only this time, Sherk isn't fighting to defend the title, he's fighting for it.

What really pisses me off the most is that the UFC is taking a lackadaisical approach to cheating in professional sports. Dana White is of the thought that the State Commissions are responsible for discipline of the fighters. Bullshit!

Dana White, as the President of the company is responsible for the discipline of the "UFC fighters" and has the choice to use Sherk as an example for the rest of the 250+ fighters on UFC contract to stay far away from Steroid use because its bad for the UFC brand not to mention the sport of mixed martial arts.

The UFC will continue to be the WWE of mixed martial arts in North America and around the globe with this kind of blind tolerance and gift giving for a cheating champion that disgraced the sport, the fighters and most of all, the fans.

I hope that Penn or Stevenson crush Sherk like GSP did becaue we are desperate for a real Lightweight Champion that's willing to fight more than one time per year while remaining drug and State Commission hearing free.


  1. Greg, the real sad point is the fact that all over the MMA world you are seeing fools pissing hot. It's a fact no matter if the organization is Pride FC, UFC, whatever, there are many fighters shooting up. Most people accept this, because people in general view MMA fighters as Modern Day Gladiators. Taking roids is viewed as a survival skill.

  2. It is very sad indeed.

    My hope is to see that this sport is spoken about in the same way as any other professional combat sport and also handled the same way when the players/fighters get out of line.

    steroids do help with recovering from injury quicker and also, cutting weight along with improving strengthens so I can see the value add and the temptation from the fighter to use in a time of desperation.

    All of which do not make it right or legal from the governing bodies that sanction these events.

    I was watching Inside MMA last week and some MMA ref said that the majority of known steroid users in MMA did not have an advantage over their opponents in the Win/Loss column.

    So should steroids be accepted if there is empirical data that can prove that it is not a performance enhancer in MMA today?

    The answer will always be 'NO' as long as the government is involved in sanctioning the fights which is an inevitability that the steroid users will have to chance going into the fight knowing that random testing could not be so random for the juiced up fighter.

    Cheers robdog!


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