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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Part of me doesn't even want to mention this because I know it will never happen, but according to Pretty Boy is pondering a move to MMA. Now I'm not sure how much Cuban payed him to say this but the publicity it will generate for HDNet will hopefully cover the cost. Discussing the numerous reasons why Floyd will never make the transition (no grappling background, bad hands from years of boxing, etc.) is really just a waste of space because, have I mentioned this yet, it will never happen. Mayweather is apparently speaking to people about what it would take for him to make the transition so I would like to suggest he give Michael Jordan a call and ask "how that whole baseball thing worked out?". Though failing at baseball doesn't involve having your arm broke before you get choked unconscious.


  1. I love spellchecker! It's fun and it's free! That's right, I never PAID to use it. HA HA HA. j/k.

  2. I would be interested in each parties motives. Mayweather would obviously never fight. No publicity is bad publicity?


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