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Friday, December 21, 2007

Big John's Real Reason For Leaving?

In a recent Sports Illustrated interview when "Big" John McCarthy was asked what was "behind the career move" he anwsered,
"With the commission rules it got harder for me to do some things. Basically commissions thought it was a conflict of interest to do broadcasting of fighters if I would be refereeing those same fighters. So I got this opportunity with the Fight Network and it was time to make the move." Now he says it was getting harder to do both broadcasting and refereeing yet he wasn't doing both he was refereeing then left to be a broadcaster so the only thing the commissions were forcing him to do was choose one or the other. So the only real reason given for choosing broadcasting over refereeing was "it was time", and why was it time? Maybe the anwser to the question who his favorite fighter is can shed some light. "My favorite goes beyond ability to fight. It's his contributions to the sport, the way he treated people. If I were going to pick one it would be
Randy Couture." I say the answer to that question plus the shots he goes on to take at Dana White tell the real reason he decided to take the job at the Fight Network and "retire" from the UFC.

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