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Sunday, December 30, 2007

UFC 79 Through the eyes of Tylenol Cold

I didn't matter how shitty I felt I was not going to miss this PPV, so I dragged myself out of cold sweat soaked sheets and infected my friends for the final UFC of 2007. The night started out with a grudge match between Rich Clementi and Melvin Guillard, these guys have had a long standing feud over something no one gives a shit about and wasted no time bringing the class level of this event down to WWE standards.

Now I personally can't stand the Young Assassin and enjoyed watching him get tapped out this time almost as much as when Joe "Daddy" did it but would prefer to leave the crotch cross to the professionals at an afore mentioned organization (I'll admit a shameful chuckle when he waved goodbye to Melvin and instructed him to do what we all assumed he would have by now and train some jiu jitsu but no man is an island).

Melvin's problem is he already believes he's great and no matter how many times he's proved wrong his opinion doesn't change, you can't improve if you don't think you have anything to learn.

I would like to see a rematch between him and the always improving Marcus Davis and then Melvin can spend the rest of his days telling everyone at the Walmart he'll be working at how he was the greatest fighter in the world and would have been champ if everyone wouldn't have kept landing lucky submissions on him. This fight was followed by a match between Lyoto Machida and the Predator.

Now I don't know how the Aliens fared against him but Lyoto kicked some ass Arnie style. I think everyone was amazed at the way Machida overpowered the enormous African Assassin and then dominated him on the ground. Soko looked like a fish out of water on his back and couldn't even control the stand up getting caught with a left hook (forgive me if it was a right Tylenol cold remember) before succumbing to an arm triangle. Score 2 for BJJ.

Now I think I nodded off a bit during the next fight but I'm told Sanchez won. Love those Heavyweights, just a tip don't smother someone against the cage if you suck at infighting and have a 10 inch reach advantage. On a side note the nickname "Manic Hispanic" really? I don't think the word manic which can mean being in a state of impaired judgement is ever a good way to describe your fighting style. Now Chuck vs Wandy. No fight could ever live up to the hype surrounding this fight but it was definetly an exciting 3 Rounds.

I can't believe we didn't see any knees from Silva and Chuck taking someone to the matt to secure a decision if only they'd thought of that a couple of months ago. In the end the fight looked a lot like how we all imagined it would before Liddell vs Jackson and Jardine made some of us wonder whether the Iceman was done. Then the main event.

GSP must be a fan of fellow Canuck Greg Clarke because he seemed to agree with him on the armbar being the way to finish this one. You could see him looking for it several times in the fight until finally setting it up through the use of a leg triangle and Kimura.

GSP out wrestled, muscled and every other 'ed Hughes you can think of. Then in a rare moment of humbleness in a night where so many had something stupid to say to their opponents (ie study karate in the jungle, and that whole smile thing I still don't understand) Matt Hughes showed nothing but class saying he gave 120% and St.Pierre was the better fighter, not even following it as so many do with "this night", just the better fighter.

Way to go Matt maybe all those boo's at the weigh ins got through to you. The night was capped off with a quick leg lock victory by the Manvil, not wanting to be out done by fellow armenian Roman Mitichyan.

I haven't read yet what injury Nate Mohr suffered but Manny gentleman that he is apologized for breaking his leg, though it looked more like a knee dislocation (I see your ankle sprain Roman and raise you a broken leg). Now if only these 2 could teach Karo how to end a fight.

I'm going back to bed


  1. It appears Chuck is willing to evolve as a fighter. There is still hope for him yet.
    I've been getting over a bug much of this week also Riley.

  2. I'm finally over mine... it kept me on my ass longer than Matt Hughes at UFC 79 if you can believe that!

  3. You know Riley, I think I am the only prick to have called GSP by armbar submission.

    To me, it seemed the only way for GSP to properly avenge his first loss and also do what most feel is an impossible task and that's to submit Matt Hughes.

    Now there isn't any doubt that GSP is the best Welterweight in the world.

    Matt Serra must have shit his pants when GSP said he's coming after him next.

    I know I did :)

  4. GSP is to the point that he can choose which way he wants to defeat Hughes.

  5. The armbar prediction was pure genius, there was absolutely no better way for GSP to end that fight. Maybe after watching that fight Serra's back injury will prove to be career ending. I can't believe I forgot to make fun of GSP's booty shorts though, those crazy Quebecers.


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