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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wandy - I need to WIN

It will have been just over 10 months since he last fought when he faces Liddell on Dec. 29, but the former Pride champion feels that will only improve his skills for the fight.Silva recently relocated to the United States to focus his training for this fight, leaving behind his former team, Chute Boxe, and joining forces with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.

Working with the athletes of Xtreme Couture has improved many facets of his game according to Silva, who is currently riding a two-fight losing streak.

“Here has very good trainers, very good fighters (and) they opened the gym to me,” Silva stated. “The guys are willing to train with me and (it is) very good sparring. I’m in the best condition in my life.”

The rules changes will also be something different for Silva who fought under Pride rules for the last few years, but now he will have to adjust to the unified rules in the UFC.

“I’m going to change my game a little bit because I need to fight within the rules,” he commented. “There’s no problem for me. I train a lot of kicks to the body and to the face, and I’m going to use a lot of kicks in this fight.”

The excitement and anticipation for this bout can be summed up by the statements of UFC president Dana White when he was finally able to sign Silva to a contract earlier this year, for all intents and purposes, solidifying this bout.

“As crazy as this sounds, this is the pinnacle of my seven year career in this company,” said White. “He reminds me of Chuck Liddell, and he’s the kind of fighter that all fight fans love to see fight. He’s a gunslinger. He will get in harm’s way to inflict damage and pain.”

Click here for the full article from MMA weekly.

1 comment:

  1. Is it just me or are the claims that this fight will "end" or "derail" the loser way overstated?

    Think about it. Wandy can lose and he's still going to be a major player in the division, especially given that he seems to have Quinton's number.

    So will Chuck disappear because of a third loss in a row? No way! He has huge name recognition and will remain a major draw for fans.

    It's just a great fight that will settle a score from years past but I fully expect to see the loser of this one to be around for some big fights in the future.


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