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Monday, October 20, 2008

Most entertaining MMA event to date

If you are trying to get someone into the sport, have them watch this DVD. It's like a highlight real of why the sport is great. Every fight was a potential fight of the night. This does have the infamous "KALIB STARNES VS NATE QUARRY", but it's a perfect example that a performance like Kalib's will doom you, and it's fun to hear the crowd's hatred for Kalib.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

People Kimbo would beat with MMA rules

1. Me
2. You
3. Bas Rutten
4. Dana White
5. Gina Carano
6. Your mom and dad
7. Mike Tyson
8. Royce Gracie
9. Roxanne Modafferi
10. Your kids, your future

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frank Trigg thinks he can beat Anderson Silva

Frank Trigg says about Anderson Silva: "He can’t hurt you when you’re inside because his punching power is from his length and he has to be outside to kick. You have to take Anderson Silva down and hold him down. You almost have to fight him like B.J. Penn fought Sean Sherk: Constant movement, peppering him with quick shots. It’s not difficult to see how to beat Anderson Silva. What’s difficult is putting yourself to the task and understanding that the game plan isn’t going to be perfect, and when something bad happens, overcoming that bad thing. If you don’t think you would win, why the hell are you showing up? Yeah, I think I could win”

Trigg lost more blood to his brain than I thought in his losses. Too funny.