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Friday, December 21, 2007

Shonie Carter Cut From UFC Contract!


We all know that Dana White doesn't like MMA news reporting on the Internet however, he must have caught wind of this exclusive interview by FightHype and decided to part ways with one of the most fearless, tenured and colourful fighters ever to grace the canvass within the wired fence of the UFC Octagon.

Shonie Carter on the UFC brass reaction:

"Yeah, they didn't like it. I pissed off Joe Silva and Dana and they cut me,"

Shonie Carter on the UFC Grinch that stole Christmas:

"They even took my tickets to UFC 79 when they cut my contract!"

For the rest of UFC pissing on Shonie Carter's Christmas, check out

Well, MMA Fever gives Dana White and Joe Silva the biggest cyber middle finger for their knee "jerk" reaction to a guy who just wants to put food on his table for himself and his kids.


  1. I feel bad for the guy but it is kinda funny they even took his tickets away. Besides, I didn't reread the interview but doesn't he ask them to cut him if they are not going to give him fights?

  2. Yes sir, he did ask for it and got it in spades:

    "They want me to sit back on my thumbs and get older and older, but I'm not 25; I'm 35. If the UFC is not going to put me on, then fucking cut me."

  3. I hope he makes his way over to WEC and becomes their champion. I've lost all respect for Dana White on this one. All Shonie wanted to do was put on a show.

    The UFC is officially full of shit.


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