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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sherk Suspension Shrunk to Six

No matter what I try, I can't stop using alliteration when it comes to slippery Sean Sherk. Mr.Sherk wasn't that slippery yesterday as CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) slapped him with a reduced sentence in the form of a six month suspension.

Sherk still proclaims his innocence along with a million U.S. prison inmates, Chris Hansens's Dateline NBC "alleged" predators and O.J. Simpson. Great crowd to be a part of Seanny!

Hint: Change "The Muscle Shark" nickname immediately to divert attention from yourself.

From MMA Weekly:

Following his July 7 Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight title defense against Hermes Franca, Sean Sherk was suspended for one year and fined $2,500 for testing positive for Nandrolone, according to the California State Athletic Commission.

On Tuesday, he again went before the Commission. When all was said and done, Sherk’s suspension was reduced to six months, while his fine was upheld at $2,500,’s Tom Hamlin reported.

An initial motion to uphold the one-year suspension failed. The second motion, to reduce Sherk’s suspension, initially failed in a 3-3 deadlock, but upon further discussion, it was re-introduced and subsequently passed by a margin of 4-2.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get until you get there,” said Sherk in the days leading up to the hearing. “I’m optimistic because we do have a lot of facts supporting my innocence.”

But he was also leery of the process, saying, “They don’t really have rules and regulations that they have to follow. All I want is a fair trial. I just want an opportunity to present facts that we have, supporting my innocence that I did not take Nandrolone.”

Apparently, Sherk believes that he wasn’t given the fair trial that he wanted. Following the hearing, he stated, “I’m not happy at all with (a six-month suspension and fine). This is not over,” indicating that he would be discussing possible legal action with his attorneys.

As it stands, Sherk will be eligible to return to action in early January.


  1. Here is my question, what if sherk is actually innocent. I have been reading everybody say he should just admit it and move on, franca did and now no one seems to care, so why is he fighting it that hard and still pissed about a decision that allows him to fight in a couple of weeks from now. I don't know if he did it or not, I hope not, but if he did I can't see him still fighting the decision.


    Broken Samurai X

  2. In a word, Reputation and/or Credibility.

    Tim Sylvia and Josh Barnett come to mind as great fighters who go caught in the roids trap.

    Even Royce Gracie was caught recently.

    Could Sherk be innocent? Well, not very likely given that he is blaming (without proof) the nutritional supplements companies for spiking the stuff that he buys without his knowledge.

    Ignorance is not a reason for innocence anywhere you go.

    Either way, this one is gonna drag on until Sherk fights the winner of the Penn/Stevenson interim title bout.

    Pleading innocence with an ignorance defence strategy isn't a recipe for success.

    Too bad there wasn't a bloody glove for Sherk to try on.


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