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Friday, December 21, 2007

GSP: "I want to take my revenge against Matt Serra."

Here's a quote from Georges St.Pierre in an exclusive interview with a U.K. tabloid rag called, "The Sun"

"I've never been so pumped up for a fight, and once I get through this I want to take my revenge against Matt Serra."

As usual, the story is filled with Mr.Humble St.Pierre because he doesn't want to fuel his opponent going into what I am calling the biggest fight in MMA history.

I find it very interesting that GSP is not only showing outward confidence about his abilities within the octagon but that he is downright vengeful (which is out of character for him) about avenging the loss that GSP attributes to personal problems brought into the cage which ultimately clouded his mind... and the few Serra shots to the chin didn't help any either :)

I wouldn't want to be Matt Hughes on December 29, 2007.. that's all I'm sayin'.

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