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Sunday, December 30, 2007

UFC 79 Nemesis Results

-Georges St-Pierre def. Matt Hughes by Submission (Armbar) at 1:54, Round 2
-Chuck Liddell def. Wanderlei Silva by Unanimous Decision
-Eddie Sanchez def. Soa Palelei by TKO (Strikes) at 3:24, Round 3
-Lyoto Machida def. Sokoudjou by Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) at 4:20, Round 2
-Rich Clementi def. Melvin Guillard by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:40, Round 1
-James Irvin def. Luis Cane by Disqualification (Illegal Strike to Downed Opponent) at 1:51, Round 1
-Manny Gamburyan def. Nate Mohr by Submission (Ankle Lock) at 1:31, Round 1
-Dean Lister def. Jordan Radev by Unanimous Decision, Round 3
-Roan Carneiro def. Tony DeSouza by TKO at 3:33, Round 2
-Mark Bocek def. Doug Evans by Unanimous Decision, Round 3


  1. Man. Last night went down a lot different than I picked. Out of 10fights, I picked six winners (technically five since I'm not a huge fan of the Heavyweight division in general and don't really care what happens in it), but some of the outcomes were a total surprise.

    Dean Lister's completely lame ass decision win over Radev was one. That may be a candidate for the worst fight of 2007. I picked Roan to win over DeSouza, but I never once would have thought he would win by TKO.

    I was most surprised by Wanderlei's complete disregard to his superior skill set that he holds over the Iceman that led to Chuck's complete dominance over him. Very few kicks (especially leg kicks), no attempt to take Chuck down and utilize his superior BJJ, and zero clinch work. Hats off to Chuck though. He fought a great fight and proved me completely wrong. I thought Wand had this one in the bag.

    While I wasn't surprised with GSP's win over Hughes, I was surprised by his win coming via submission. Just goes to show how talented GSP truly is. Seems the guy has the most solid and complete skill set in MMA today. His ground work was phenominal last night to say the least, as was everything else he threw at Hughes.

    A lot of people bag on Hughes for being a prick, but the guy has NEVER pulled excuses in any loss he has suffered. His humbleness in defeat is what makes me a fan even though his arrogance tends to overshadow it at times.

    After GSP's performance last night, I want GSP and Penn to be rematched as soon as possible. I could care less what the judges thought, but Penn won their fight last year. With Penn concentrating on the 155lb class for the forseeable future, this may be a long time coming. I'm a bit biased on that though simply because I'm not a fan of Fitch and I couldn't care less if he ever gets a title shot. I've been wanting to see GSP/Penn II since about five seconds after their match at UFC 58.

    As far as Manvel The Anvil goes, well, that fight went down pretty much as I had predicted. Manny is a fucking animal. Nate is lucky Manny didn't tear his leg right off. Manny shouldn't feel bad for the injury either. Nate should have tapped, but I guess the possibility of suffering a possible career ending injury with a loss is more manly than just suffering a loss and still being able to fight. I'm wondering if Marlon "I'll Never Tap" Simms was in his corner last night.

    All in all, a great night of fights!

  2. I also picked Sokoudjou to win over Lyoto, but I think he was out classed and let the nerves get to him. He had zero answer for Machida's oddball style and very impressive ground game.

    I really hope that the UFC keeps Sokou around. The guy is only 23 and has a ton of potential. I mean, the guy has 15 years worth of fights to look forward to and if he learns from this loss he will come back stronger and more focused. I think he would make a nice matchup for Rashad in 2008.

  3. Nice recap Juji!

    I too think Lister is a waste of space... he may be a good trainer but not a good to great fighter by any means.

    I know someone who wasn't surprised that GSP submitted Hughes last night... hmmmmmmmmmmm..... who was that guy????

    Roman Mitichyan, now Manny Gamburyan - maybe someone can teach Karo Parisyan how to submit someone to?

    Karo needs finishing work big time if he's ever gonna get a crack at the 170 tile.

    Sokou will be around for a long time. He needs time to mature and acclimate himself into the UFC system which shouldn't be tough for him under the tutelage of Dan Henderson at Team Quest.

    The Predator Mask fuckin' killed me. I loved it!


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