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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fedor is too good for the company's good

Hire Fedor and you are doomed.

Megadeth Affliction

Megadeth to perform at Affliction show. Dave Mustaine is a badass metal guitarist and he might be just cheesey enough to pull off this combo. He's been pretty crazy and unpredictable in the past, but Donald Trump might give him a pep talk before his performance to calm him down.
Prediction: Dave to KO the Don.

And the shaved Gabriel Gonzaga cover of the song:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rashad > All

The interwebs say that Chuck is Rashads next victim at UFC 88.

Respect Chuck. Respect...

Gina's flying knee

This picture makes me horny. Women's MMA has a long ways to go. I could take her fighting more seriously if she could make weight and had less feminine features, sad but true.

Ultimate Fighter Twist

My guess would be he was playing GTA4 on a spectacular 1080p Samsung LCD in the limo. He mistakes a rocket launcher for the 360 controller and explodes the shit out of the limo along with the driver and his own organs. What a dumb ass. Darwin wins. Dana wins. We win.

MMA Videos

<-- This motherfuckers life is dedicated to posting MMA videos.
Check it out and reap the benefits!

UFCs big week announcement

Dana Whites Announcement on CNBC 06-10-2008
Uploaded by bawzz

Dana white can keep drinking as much as he wants to as long as he keeps making this much sense. Well, I guess he can do whatever the fuck he wants, but to keep my respect he has to make sense.
Dana knows how to use and abuse the blogs by now and gets off on his manipulation of them (creating hug buzz on this announcement, one smart SOB).
(Conspiracy theory ahead) It's also amazing how he's been able to defend the sport against the national sports BIG name string pullers.
NFL/MLB/ whatever has huge stake/control in the major sports news casts. The "big dog sports" will only allow new sports into the spotlight on their terms. Sports that don't fork over the company get attacked with each and every broadcast.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kimbo is the face of MMA today

Google news...Tennis, Horse Racing and Kimbo.

The horses name is Big Brown, huh huh, huh huh...

Brett Rogers Desperate for Kimbo

Add Brett Rogers to the infinite line of fighters hoping for a Slice of Kimbo's Fame. Get in line Brett.
The more jealous people get over MMA newcomer Kimbo's success, the more entertainment I get out of it.
I guy with 3 pro fights garnering more attention than multiple seasons of TUF can create for newcomers. That has to chap Dana's ass.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Faber vs Pulver

Sunday 8pm Central on Versus. Damn that EliteXC got me all tuckered out. How was the Ice Man Special? I forgot to record it.

EliteXC CBS Debut Summary

con·trived –adjective obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained: a contrived story.
Winners to the left, losers to the right.

Bring out those talented EliteXC cheerleaders...

It was Ok for kids to watch. That bald referee sees at 200 fps Predator speed, it always looks like he stops the fight early till you see it in ultra slow motion. (Don Merglioti?) Don't complain about early stoppages all night. What about the Children?!?

Kimbo has surprising ground game and popped the shit out of some Colossus cauliflower ear.

EliteXC intros are sickeningly similar to...

All of the fights were relatively exciting, we are all winners!