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Thursday, December 20, 2007

WEC 31 Fighter Payouts

Here are the WEC 31 "Faber vs. Curran" card payouts on December 12th:

Jens Pulver ($60,000) def. Cub Swanson ($5,000)
Urijah Faber ($40,000) def. Jeff Curran ($10,000)
Paulo Filho ($56,000) def. Chael Sonnen ($25,000)
Doug Marshall ($10,000) def. Ariel Gandulla ($4,000)
John Alessio ($26,000) def. Todd Moore ($4,000)
Charles Valencia ($12,000) def. Ian McCall ($3,000)
Bryan Baker ($8,000) def. Eric Schambari ($5,000)
Ed Ratcliff ($8,000) def. Alex Karalexis ($8,000)
Brian Bowles ($6,000) def. Marcos Galvao ($5,000)

Total reported pay out: $295,000


  1. Holy shit! Jens and Paulo really raked it in! Seems the WEC pays pretty well for a "AAA" MMA promotion.

    Shit, even Karalexis was paid 8000 for a bad showing. Not bad for a nights work!

  2. Not a night's work. Try several months of training, sometimes in expensive gyms with pricey trainers. Add the cost of health insurance and it will make you appreciate the sacrifice some of these fighters make for years...

  3. I know Pulver is a bigger name but I hate when anyone in a division makes more than the titleholder (ie Huerta has made more per fight for his last couple fights than Sherk did for his fight against Franca). I just think it's disrespectful (I hope I'm not sounding like Couture.

  4. I agree totally Riley, although you used a bad example. Any extra money would've also gone right up Sherk's veins.

  5. I knew I'd take heat for using Sherk as an example but it was the first one to come to mind.


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