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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nick Diaz Quote of the Day

Nick Diaz, also known more recently as the big brother of Nate Diaz spoke in an interview regarding Rich Franklin from Fighter's Only Magazine from the U.K.

"He just lost again right? See what I mean? You are promoting Rich Franklin and this motherfucker, here he is, letting it ride and he's just trying to uphold his image.

The guy's a fucking teacher. He's a school teacher - that's what he is. If I was going to fight him I'd be pretty damn confident . I'm going to fight a teacher not a fighter. There are plenty of teachers I wanted to beat up"

Here's a gem of Nick Diaz going off on the use of artificial chocolate. Diaz has the propensity to lose it on just about anything and this was the first time I saw Mayhem Miller in an interview where he had very little to say.


  1. Nick Diaz interviews are the best. Whether he's actually making a point or just rambling about pure chocolate.

    Check out my earlier Nick post:

  2. Thanks for the props dude, we'd been trying to get a Diaz interview for a while, glad you liked it :)

    Editor, FO Magazine


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