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Thursday, December 20, 2007

MMA Movie Posters

Say what? What's an MMA Movie poster?

Well Lil' chil'ren, it's a creative way of using Photoshop to place your favorite, and not so favorite MMA stars in shall we say, compromising positions or heroic poses superimposed on to a movie poster.

I am a regular Sherdog Forums shit disturber however, when I come across real Photoshop talent, I like to promote it because some of this shit is really art like the Anderson Silva movie poster that is perfectly matched to his fluidity in the octagon, his nickname and childhood hero.

I was PM'd by the Photoshopper(sic) for requests - see below:

Thank you for your positive feedback!

I love to put a smile on someones face, and if they are bored at work, and get a good laugh, then all my work is worth it.

This thread has alot more movie posters done by some more senior romoshoppers:

But if you can think of a movie posters, and a fighter you would like on it then please PM me. I'll try my best to complete it within the day you give me the idea.

Thanks again.

Let me know of your requests in the comments below and I'll send the request on and also publish the original work right here for you because I'm cool like that as you already know!


  1. I would love to see Karo Parisyan's head on the movie poster for "Radio," a film where Cuba Gooding Junior played a retard.

  2. Randy Couture as "Sling Blade."

  3. Forrest Griffin as "Forrest Gump" is a pretty obvious choice.

  4. LOL - awesome, keep 'em coming! ... that's what Jenna Jameson always says!

  5. Karo Parisyan and Tito Ortiz in "Dumb and Dumber."

  6. Michael Bisping in "The English Patient."

  7. Manny Gamburyan in "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest," a reference to his recent revelation that he almost didn't survive six weeks of free rent in a Las Vegas mansion.

  8. Wanderlei Silva in "Lost In Translation."

  9. Tim Sylvia in "Big."

  10. Rich Franklin in "Legends Of The Fall."

  11. how about Karo as Clint Eastwood in Millon Dollar Baby (i think that's the one where he's Hillary Swanks boxing coach right?)

  12. nick diaz and nakamura as cheech and chong,
    sean sherk in pumping iron, war machine and jared rollins in rocky 3


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