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Friday, December 14, 2007

Step rightup! Step right up!

With the recent Sammy Vasquez tragedy the Fedor vs Hong Man Choi mismatch is not only looking ridiculously stupid but down right dangerous. Come on what's next for Fedor travelling from arena to arena challenging the audience to "Step right up and see if you can last ten minutes in the ring with the World's Greatest Fighter"?


  1. HAHA, sounds good. Step right up...Hit Fedor on the toe with this rubber mallet...If he lifts his leg or changes facial expression you win the little lady a prize!

  2. Fedor is not the "World's Greatest Fighter".

    Great fighters do not duck fights with other great fighters by signing on with an organization that will keep the "Greatness" alive by feeding tham cans like Choi.

    I like this blog, but the Fedor sack hugging makes me laugh. Maybe if Fedor fought a real opponent like Tim Sylvia my hatred for him would subside.

    So fuck Monte Cox, fuck M-1, and fuck Fedor. I hope they are all happy failures together.

  3. A Tim Sylvia fan?

    Me too, welcome to MMA Fever dude... I love the big man because he controls the other fighter in the fight. That's dominance in the cage that others don't fully appreciate.

    As far as Fedor goes, well... he's the only MMA Legend that has truly never been beaten by anyone (the 1 loss cut stoppage doesn't count in my books).

    I agree that M-1 is setting him up with cans. No doubt at all that Monte Cox is doing that to protect the investment in Fedor who is the face of M1-Global.

    I too wish that Fedor would fight someone in the so-called top 10 Heavyweight list so we could see him really bring it... or not.

    Someday we will, I have hope that Dana White will set up the biggest PPV extravaganza between Fedor and Nogueira or even Randy Couture is the old man decides that he wants to fight again.

    Fedor needs top talent to face to keep him in the good graces of MMA fans and critics however, it looks like we'll have to wait another year or so for that to happen.

    Talks about Pedro Rizzo fighting Fedor in the U.S. sometime in April '08 are going on by Monte Cox and the boys so yeah, in a year of so Fedor will be fighting top tier talent again with any luck for MMA fans.


  4. I can't say that I am a Tim Sylvia "fan", but I do have respect for his skill as an MMA fighter. He uses his size and strength very well and tends to overwhelm most of his opponents when he fights. However, he did get smacked around a bit during the second round of his fight with Vera even though he won that decision in fairly dominating form.

    If he is indeed fighting Minotauro in February for the vacant title, he is going to have his work cut out for him! However, he has faired very well against submission specialists in the past, but there is a huge difference in skill set betwen Jeff Monson and Big Nog.

    The UFC seems to be having difficulty as of late in every division in regards to title holders and fights. The HW division seems to be back to its pre-PRIDE takeover state with seemingly little depth. With the fall of Cro-Cop, the fizzle of Heath Herring's flame, Arlovski's state of limbo, Big Nog almost getting KO'ed in his debut, the failure to sign Fedor, and Mir's stale comeback thus far amungst other things, I am happy for the depth in the ligher classes!

    I hope both Nog and Tim bring their "A" game for this fight if it happens. I'm afraid this division needs more than the signing of Lesnar to stir things up a bit.

  5. I'm in agreement that Fedor is not the world's greatest fighter, you were suppose to picture the circus ringleader in his top hat and Mazzagatiesque moustache shouting that from the center of the ring. I think in order to be the man you got to beat the man (I love horrible cliches) so with Pride gone and most of the top heavies in their stable that man is the UFC champion (or let's just say Couture for now).


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