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Monday, December 17, 2007

Inside MMA - Karo Parisyan, Sam Caplan, Amir Perets

Special guests include MMA fighter and lead writer/editor for, Sam Caplan, Inside MMA #7-ranked Welterweight Karo Parisyan and MMA and Special Forces Trainer Amir Perets. Inside MMA airs Fridays at 9:30pmET.

Karo Parisyan, you know, the welterweight fighter who is full of himself who thinks he can get a title shot at the snap of his fingers and also the guy who says, "Do you know who I am, Bro?" is well, very intersting to watch.

Karo certainly isn't a polished TV personality.

Monte Cox from M-1 Global talks about Fedor Emelianenko and what 2008 will look like for the world number 1 ranked MMA Heavyweight.


  1. You know, I've always been ahuge fan of Karo Parisyan, along with his cousin Manny. I never thought I would see the day when he ducked a fight. He is much higher on the talent ladder than Fitch so why duck the guy? I'll admit that Fitch has more knockout power, but Karo has faced some monsters inside and outside of MMA.

    Fucking guy puts Sokoudjou on his back in a Judo competition (yeah, it isn't MMA, but its compeition none the less) but says he needs a more "gauranteed" win in his next fight? Wow.

  2. Can we see Nick Diaz versus Karo Parisyan in an interview to determine who is the biggest idiot in MMA?

    If I were Karo's agent, I'd keep him off the "publicity tour" from now on. What an idiot.


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