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Friday, October 9, 2009

Brett Rogers the Badass

This type of pre fight interview is more than enough to get my blood pumped up about a challenge to Fedor's "protected" immortality status. With friends like M-1, WHO NEEDS DUH!?!
This is the most exciting match up that Strikeforce has to offer Fedor, by FAR! Is the business run by a bunch of MMA blog nerds? All of us want to see the most unpredictable/competitive fight ATM. This is it for SF!

Take a few notes from UFC:
1. Build up the fighters with undefeated records a bit.
2. Market the hell out of them.
3. Hype that shit!

For the few and only to respond that didn't get the Gina ESPN post (dense Mother Fuckers).
It was a smash on Photoshopping the hell out of every professional image shoot. I didn't think I was on a different level than that many people. How did you find a job to budget your ISP connection on?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rashad > Rampage Obviously

Last nights TUF was somewhat of a religious experience for me. It is nice when your long time intuitions are confirmed by the fancy editing of reality TV. The ending showed the ignorant, classless, charismatic, dishonorable street thug (known as Rampage) in true form. Hopefully acting can tame and mask his shit scum persona like it does with so many other Hollywood elites. Shit scum...(fucking sweet description).

Rashad was portrayed as the insightful, educated, strategic hope for the destruction of Rampage wannabees the world over. Nut Hugging this great man, while the world wants to beat him down is fun. But having UFC's reality show convert the masses opinion of him was fucking sweet.


(high fives self)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gina's facial likeness appears on the cover of ESPN

That stomach is more disgusting than a 400 lb Rhino you wake up to after 13 hot damn 100 proof anal shots. Obviously not Gina's stomach that gets masturbated to on the 14th and 22nd of each month at 2pm whether it lands on a work day or not...I'm flying to Chicago to watch Fedor fight.