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Friday, December 14, 2007

Ryan Gracie Arrested for Carjacking

Below is a poorly translated version from the Portuguese site FolhaOnline in Brazil however, it gives us just enough to understand that Ryan Gracie is officially fuckin' loony tunes.

The translated version is kinda funny to read all by itself so here's the cliff notes version for the attention deficit disorderly folks that drop by MMA Fever quite often:

- Ryan Gracie pulled a knife and carjacked a 76 year old man in Sao Paolo, Brazil today.
- Ryan then smashed the stolen car into a concrete barrier (picture above)
- Immediately after the sudden crash, Ryan hopped out of the smashed car and tried to steal another car - a Fiat (Why the fuck would you steal a Fiat? That proves the motherfucker is certifyably crazy!)
- The fairy Fiat owner managed to get away from Ryan
- Motorcycle drivers nearby witnessed the theft in progress and surrounded Gracie.
- The Motorcycle gang took off their helmets and beat Ryan Gracie to the ground via verbal submission.
- The cops came and scooped him off to a luxurious Sao Paulo, Brazilian jail where he'll await trial for the charges against him for being a fuckin' lunatic to society.

Goodbye Gracie!

14/12/2007 - 16h06

Fighter of the Gracie family is accused to attack aged and to steal car in SP

of the Online Leaf

The fighter of jiu-jitsu Ryan Gracie, 33, was imprisoned in the afternoon of this friday under accusation to have attacked an aged one of 76 years to steal the car of it, in the Itaim Bibi, noble quarter of the zone west of São Paulo. It finished contained for motoboys and was imprisoned, after that, for the Military Policy. Ryan is member of the Gracie family, icon of the fight in the country.

According to PMs of 23º Battalion, for return of 13h30, Gracie approached the aged one -- that he was in a Corolla -- in the street Jacurici. Armed with a knife, it he reached a left-hand finger of the man. Gracie assumed the direction and ran away for the street Haroldo Veloso and avenue Enrique Chamma. In the avenue Juscelino Kubitschek, it it beat the car in a concrete wall.

In the sequence, Gracie left the Corolla and tried to approach the driver of a Fiorino Fiat, that obtained to escape. The fighter, then, knocked down one motoboy in the soil with the intention to take the motion, still in accordance with the p.m..

Others motoboys that they had witnessed the scene had stopped in aid to the colleague and had initiated one fight with Gracie. The PMs had arrived at the place after that and algemaram the fighter.

The fighter was directed for 15º DP (Itaim Bibi). The news article did not obtain to locate representatives of the fighter or to confirm if it already is folloied of lawyer.

Other cases

Ryan Gracie already had other problems involving its behavior.

In March of 2000, it was 18 days imprisoned in Rio De Janeiro, its native city, defendant of esfaquear a student during one fight that a house of parties in the Bar of the Tijuca destroyed.

In 2005 it he was accused to attack physically a civil policeman and to xingar a commission agent inside of 78º DP, in the Gardens, south zone of São Paulo.

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