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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Franklin out until June?

I'm a fan of Rich Franklin, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I heard he signed a new six fight deal with the UFC. Now, I'll admit, my disappointment stems from my own need to be the best at what I do, so if I lost twice to Anderson Silva and knew I'd given my all I would see no reason to continue fighting (maybe others are not so egotistical) but with another surgery apparently on the horizon (this not yet being reported on Franklin's official site) and the risk of injury every time you step in the cage, should he keep fighting? What is the ultimate goal of competition? I would hate to see Rich become a stepping stone when he has the potential to make a good living in so many different avenues of the sport. Like Dana White said "whatever Rich decides he will always have a place in the UFC".


  1. I agree Riley,

    It would be Franklin's best interest to lay low until AFTER Anderson Silva beats Dan Henderson then jump back up to the 205Lb weight class where he started his career.

    Oh, did I just say Hendo would lose to The Spider?

    If Hendo wins, my suspicion is that Rich Franklin will get another shot at the 185 tile with Anderson out of the picture.

    Then Rich will retire before he has to face Silva a third time although, I don't see Franklin getting past Hendo but then again, you never really know until the fight is over :)

  2. I thought about him moving up to 205 but if Silva manhandled him what would Rampage do to him?
    If Hendo can some how beat Anderson, and he seems like the only one who even has a shot right now, it's gonna take a lot of convincing for me to believe Franklin can handle Dan. I wish they would have Henderson fight someone else before Silva
    (I understand he's probably going down to middleweight just for this fight) but it sucks he will have fought and possible lost to 2 of the toughest guys in the UFC and really got no exposure to those who did not watch Pride. I think the UFC should give Rich Coutures commentating job then set up a Fedor fight for the winner of Sylvia vs Big Nog.


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