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Friday, December 14, 2007

Norris Doesn't Know 'Chuck' About MMA!

The one and only urban legend, Chuck "Walker Texas Ranger" Norris was interviewed recently about his new fight league, "World Combat League" which is team based similar to the International Fight League (IFL) however, WCL doesn't include a cage or permit ground fighting as well, the fighters use boxing gloves to supposedly prevent concussions.

Chuck Norris on the UFC:

"Watching UFC over the last 20 years, when fighters go to the ground, they have become so proficient in avoiding submissions so it becomes boring," Norris said.

Chuck Norris on MMA's use of 4 Oz. gloves and cage fighting:

"That's way too dangerous from what I want," he said. "We also have an open area with no ropes and no wires that obstruct views."

Chuck Norris on the future of WCL:

"My heart has always been in martial arts and it's been part of my life for 47 years," he said. "I think if people come and see it, they'll become fans of the league. I hope they get behind their team."

Well Chuck, we all know you can the kick the crap out of anyone with merely a stern stare but this concept that you have created is nothing more than kickboxing without a ring... nothing new here except the resurgence of the Chuck Norris legendary Roundhouse Kick.

I would have included Chuck as the "Tool of the Day" except that Chuck would have done a a series of roundhouse kicks in the air out of sheer anger which would have created the world's most violent wind gusts causing a Tsunami somewhere on Earth, so for the sake of the innocent people and the holiday season, Chuck was spared being called a TOOL!

Here's some Chuck Norris endorsed knockouts from the World Combat League (remember, boxing gloves are used to prevent fighter concussions.... right?)

Here are 10 facts that you need to know about Chuck Norris by Chuck Norris!

Here's some more facts about the man who could very well be your Daddy.

Here's a link to the World Combat League if you're interested.

P.S. I had the most fun pulling this piece together because nothing is better in this world than Chuck Norris, not even MMA... well, chicks, beer and MMA are better but you get what I'm sayin'.


  1. Leave it to marketers to find a connection between tight jeans and roundhouse kicks.
    Tapout needs to get a tight jeans line.

  2. I read this interview and thought the exact same thing, what a wonderful new sport you've created Chuck, the IFL kickboxing division. Ground fighting is boring? People who know nothing about ground fighting always want to get rid of it then we have to start all over with UFC 1 to show how real fights involve ground fighting. Hey Mr. Norris try and catch the Fight Night replay on Spike tonight and see how exciting the ground game can be (well maybe skip the first fight).


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