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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pride: A Ten-Year Tribute

It seems fitting to include this video of some of the greatest moments in MMA history from some of the greatest fighters of today and now that Wanderlei Silva is back with the UFC, I so desperately want to see The Axe Murderer fight Rampage one more time.... ok, maybe a couple more times... it never gets old.



  1. Good highlight, as long as you have it on mute.

    Seriously. Can someone put one of these things together without the fucking horrible soundtrack?

    God. That one is as bad as Chuck's Pit training video soundtrack.

    I'd love to see Silva/Rampage III. The way things are looking for Chuck, it has a very good chance of happening too.

  2. I always love watching that Aleksander vs Thompson fight. This muscular dude shaking waiting to be unleashed, pan over to someones out of shape dad looking like he just woke up from a nap and less then half a minute later guess who's unconscious. Classic. If I remember correctly it was the same night as Rampage vs Silva 2 also.

  3. Fedor is a coward. He turned down the chance to cement his legacy by joining Mark Cubans crap. He is afraid of "The Can" and other ufc heavyweights. He shouldnt be in this video.


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