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Friday, December 21, 2007

Why UFC Sucks At Fight Promotions...

I received this gem in my inbox today from Dana White & crew reminding me that UFC 79 is just 8 days away. Well, after I read that, I took an impromptu nap on my keyboard due to the boring nature of the sleepy reminder because the UFC clearly doesn't appreciate the art of marketing like many other companies around the world do.

Here we have what I am calling the biggest fight in MMA history between Georges St.Pierre and former 9-time UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes for the interim Welterweight title and also the fight that had the potential to be the biggest in MMA history between Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell vs. the return of Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva yet NOTHING is mentioned except that (the next line is meant to be read in a computer monotone voice) they-will-be-fighting-8-days-from-now.

Shit, I'm overwhelmed aren't you? Underwhelmed is more like it.

The UFC should be inundating the UFC fans with hyped up interviews, establishing a storyline as to why these fights are significant as well, pressuring the UFC/MMA fan to buy "The Greatest UFC Fight Card Ever" on Pay Per View. Hype it up Dana!

Publicity stunts with that tool, Criss Angel levitating Wanderlei & Liddell high above the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Vegas would be a good start don't you think?

Maybe even getting together a bunch of named celebrities to be interviewed about their predictions for the upcoming fights. Shit, get George Bush to issue a two second sound byte about the UFC or better yet, Senator John McCain... something! Anything!!

The UFC can't get national broadcasters (NBC,CBS,ABC) to carry their content on their channels well, buy some fucking commercial time on those channels promoting the pay per view event then you fucktards.

Alas, many people will miss out on a great night of perfectly matched fights that the buying public actually wants to see because the UFC has lost their touch with reality believing too much in the perception of the UFC brand that they feel carries more weight than any marketing effort.

Bullshit - you don't see Apple stopping the marketing train because they sold over a million iPods in the first year of release do you? How about Microsoft or Budweiser or some feminine hygiene rag that I see more often than the UFC promoting their only product - The fuckin' fights!

The TUF 6 Finale pulled in roughly 2.5 million viewers on Spike TV mostly because it was free and also the conclusion to a lot of time invested/wasted by the viewer to see who would be crowned the next Ultimate Fighter.

That statistic is fucking important because it falls on the heels of UFC 79 so knowing that you have 2.5 million households interested in the UFC, wouldn't you want to invest in hyping this shit up so the freebie watcher who enjoyed the best TUF Finale (Griffin/Bonnar notwithstanding) ever just can't help themselves to buy the UFC 79 PPV because they caught MMA Fever!

Dana White is fuckin' smart in many ways and deserves a lot of credit but in this case, he's way too fuckin' stupid to ever take the UFC to mainstream acceptance when he doesn't see the potential that lies before him in the fans that he already has for the UFC brand. The fans have spoken through their attention to the TUF 6 Finale, Dana White... are you listening?

WE WANT TO BUY EXCITEMENT... and the mainstream advertisers want in to sell their shit to us too which means more money for you to cover the marketing campaign necessary to build up anticipation and excitement for UFC 79 in the buying public, you dumb fuck!


  1. You can't hype a sport that's not exciting in the first place. A bunch of dudes hugging for 3 rounds, then someone gets hit with a lucky punch or kick. BORING

  2. That comment is gonna bring a lot of heat with it very soon friend... watch for it!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. i agree that the newsletters suck, but the official event sites are pretty well put together

  5. UFC may have already blown their advertising load this year. They over hyped a few of the crappier events.

  6. MMA could be a great sport...

    Then you get people like Dana White that turn it into something like WWF hype horseshit..

    Randy Couture has it right..UFC SUCKS

    It sucks because it's have to kiss Danas ass to get anywhere..

  7. UFC does suck, they have fights that seem to be rigged. For instance UFC 79 after a few hits Silva just stood there and let Liddell beat him. It didn't even look like he tried. UFC won't let there fighters fight other organizations either, what's up with that is Dana White scared they might steal his talent. Why isn't MMA like boxing, where all the boxers can fight each other, but if you aren't a member of the organization you can't win their belt. I think everyone needs to get over the hype of UFC and look at the other organizations around. They talk about fighters from other countries like they can't know martial arts. They act like the U.S. is the origin of all martial arts. Where are all the asian fighters in UFC? The fighters with the most heart are from asia. Many of them are the most skilled fighters I have seen too.

  8. There is no art in UFC, the wrestler always wins and there is definitely no publicity as in boxing. UFC will be a has been sporting event within 2 years

  9. UFC isn't an intersting sport to begin with. I'm a black belt in Chito-Kai (Chito-Ryu) karate and i've watched a few UFC fights and all i can say is that its the most pathetic "sport" i have ever seen.

    its a few kicks and punches and then its brawling on the ground with a couple of discernible ground-fighting moves. They always telegraph when fighting (you can tell what they're going to do before they do it) while standing up, there is no control (relying on elbows and knees to win a fight by incapacitating them is just mindless brutality) and they fight like animals. Seriously if they didn't say they did other martial arts before UFC you wouldn't be able to tell at all.

    You need rules to be a true sport. Boxing, Kickboxing, Koshiki (people from all martial arts point-sparring with other with body armour and headgear, no MMA) are all sports with proper rules and are in or soon to be in the Olympics. UFC is just mindless, pathetic, boring, americanized martial arts.

    If a true martial artist from Japan came along for a UFC match with the UFC champion (whoever that is) he'd laugh at him hysterically for about a minute before completely annihilating him with a few moves.

  10. If a "true" martial artist came from Japan???? Are you kidding me? Are you for real? For your information one of the earliest UFC (UFC 2) had a "real" Japanese martial artist fight against Royce Gracie. Check it out: Minoki Ichihara vs Royce Gracie. Trust me, Ichihara wasn't the one laughing.

    You don't know what you are talking about. Typical McDojo blackbelt babble.

  11. ufc is the shit of is like vanilla pudding...pride was the best...ufc fighters are all and k1 are great but NOT after ufc turns it all into a sausage-fest on the canvas where they try to grope each others private parts

  12. btw any ufc fighter would kick the living shit out of any jap martial artist


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