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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Manny Gamburyan - Recovering TUF Psycho!

Quote from Manny Gamburyan on his TUF 5 experience:

“There were 16 dudes in the same house. I’m from LA. I go out every other day. There’s always something to do: partying ,clubs, and lots of things. Imagine being used to living like that and then being stuck in a house with 16 dudes. One day you’re eating with them and the next day you’re fighting them. I don’t even wanna remember that.”

“The Ultimate Fighter is no joke,” Gamburyan said. “If you would pay me $100,000 I still wouldn’t go back in that house again. The experience messed with my head. When I left the show I thought I was psycho. You don’t want to be in that house. It’s nuts.”

That is always what goes through my mind when I try to keep myself awake through all of the in-house bullshit antics that go on with 16 sequestered dudes living on top of each other. I never understood why these guys need to live the gay lifestyle and to this day, I will always respect that dude who was removed by Dana White from the house when he scaled the wall to get some poon.

Here's Manny's last fight at the TUF 5 Finale who I picked to win over Diaz until Manny popped his shoulder. Expect Manny Gamburyan to man handle Nate Mohr at UFC 79: Nemesis on December 29


  1. I guess Spike wants to create a pressure cooker for obvious reasons, but I honestly cringe whenever the house inevitably gets destroyed at the end of the season. Danzig was right, these guys are representing MMA to the a lot of the world and because they're in this deprivation tank naturally frustrations will be taken out and they end up looking even more like immature morons.

    Why not compromise and let the guys bring books (that aren't just bibles) and games into the house? The appeal of the show is that it's a window into the first steps in world class training and fighting. You can't tell me people tune in to see patio furniture thrown into a fucking pool.

  2. I never understood why they can't bring books or watch T.V., even no contact with the outside world is kind of pointless considering they are home before the shows ever air. This isn't survivor it's to see who's the best fighter, if someone wants to spend their time yakking on the phone instead of training then he loses.

  3. Well it's not like these guys aren't clearly 'committed' to fighting, but I think the UFC/Spike/et al. would argue that staying in that miserable house separates the wheat from the chaff.

    "Do you really wanna fucking fuck? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. (snore)" -Dana

    Jk, he's awesome.


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