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Monday, June 25, 2007

Gray vs Emerson

Do you agree with the decision? The dood tapped out, plain and simple. Give Gray the win.

Pulver vs BJ Penn 2

Great finish by Penn. Maybe Penn held the choke a little long but who cares.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Calvin Ayre Strikes Back

This is Bodog and BodogFight founder Calvin Ayre's response to a post made by that generated unwanted responses to an offer Calvin made exclusive to Dana White.

Calvin Ayre: (*Note to It pains me to know that Dana White made you look like an “ass clown”. Stay strong, dude. )

It pisses me off that Calvin is using my word, "Ass Clown". The next thing you know he'll be calling people like Dana White a Tool.

I'll say one thing about Calvin Ayre that pisses Dana White off to no end... Calvin signed Fedor Emelianenko!

Here is how Calvin Ayre rolls...

Calvin Ayre has lost quite a few pennies over the last year and is no longer a Billion"Ayre" according to Forbes.

TUF Moms

I was perusing The Ultimate Fighter Forum and I came upon a thread titled "Weems" as in Wayne Weems the TUF5 contender that had the least amount of TV time on the show and it appeared also that he had the least amount of talent but with a huge heart to compensate for it.

There was nothing really out of the ordinary in the TUF thread until I read a post from someone called 'fightfans':

"maybe we can get Weems to respond to this. At any rate, he was there the entire six weeks, no matter how much skill you people think he had. As with all of the fighters, he had to send an audition tape and then he had to go for the interview process. The show stated this was about "the 16 best up & coming fighters."

The show never promised that all of the fighters had years of training. How many of you that have bashed him throughout the series even have the guts to get in the octagon? He continues to train and is still making appearances. Maybe, someday he can prove that he was on the show because he belonged there. Time will tell!"

It would be interesting to know why he isn't fighting. First he was told he wouldn't fight, then he was told he would be fighting, so as his Step-Mom and Dad, we booked our vacation package on Allegiant Air (hotel for 3 days and our flights). After we booked, we were told he wouldn't be fighting. We can't get a refund so we have to take the trip or lose our money completely.

No tickets to the finale, no explanation, no nothing. Since we wen
t through this much expense, it would have been nice to see the finale whether Wayne fought or not but I guess we will spend our 3 night/4 day vacation sight seeing. Maybe Dana will see to it that we get tickets to the finale, but heck who knows.

The show was interesting but wasn't really a reality show. I guess we can sum it up to a learning experience both as parents of a competitor and fans of the UFC.

Then a little further down I read a post from 'colesmom' as in, Cole Miller's mom:

"It is a shame to hear that Wayne is not fighting at the Finale, and that his parents booked the trip to see him fight, only to be disappointed. He worked very hard and deserves the chance.

As far as fight tickets are concerned, I don't think the fighters are given any...I had to buy them for my family. I couldn't afford any up close, so Cole's brother, grandmother, and I will be sitting in the nosebleed section.

When I saw that Wayne wasn't fighting, I assumed he was injured. While I am glad that he's not injured, I am sorry he isn't getting the chance he deserves. Fightfans, I hope you can enjoy your trip in spight
of things.

Best Wishes,
Cole's Mom

More from Weems's mom:

Oh my...thanks for everybody's support.

Colesmom, I am so happy to see you on here.Can we be two proud parents of competitors. Sure wish other mom and/or dads would have joined us on here (and earlier in the season). I doubt that there is anything that can be done to get Corey & Wayne to Vegas. Corey did receive some broken ribs during training (not sure how many or how it know what happens in the gym stays in the gym...LOL!).

Anyway, Im not sure why you had to purchase tickets. Unless I have misunderstood, I thought the competitors each received a few tickets, but please don't quote me on that. Ask Cole if you
shouldn't have tickets at the box office of The Pearl....again, I am not sure on this. If not, do enjoy your nosebleed seats. If you would like, I can pack a few cotton balls to stuff in your nose or bring an extra box of Kleenex for you. I do like to share! How is Cole doing....what a much skill for such a young guy!

As for all of the people that have lent their support. We thank you and are very appreciative. I am sure that we could buy a couple of tickets but why would we want to spend the money for good seats when Wayne isn't goin
g to be there. Don't get me wrong, but in a way, I guess this is our way of boycotting.

I am a firm believer that being closed off from the outside world for six weeks, attending the workouts (no matter how he was "portrayed"), and doing his janitorial duties (sweeping up the fruit) should have at least gotten him a ticket to watch his friends and foes (Wayne doesn't have too many of these) showcase their talent, skills and a little of their DNA at the finale. I sure wish we could at least get him there to see the group that he lived with for 6 weeks.

As for Monstah, honestly he has no control over who the UFC picks to compete at the finale. We can't really expect him to tur
n down such a big opportunity. Congrats, Monstah! As for the UFC bringing in guys that weren't on the finale...shame on them! (as if this makes any difference to them).

OMG, maybe they used part of the cost of Wayne's trip to purchase PRIDE...

Well, I will comment where comments are warranted on this subject. We really have enjoyed the season (yes, including th
e antics of Gabe (did you take Queen Colleen home with ya??), Noah (which was easier, your workout with Tony or your yardfight with Marlon?) and Marlon (got any stories on Wayne from the trip to NY & NJ)

At any rate...everyone please stay in touch. Colesmom, maybe some of us parents can get together during the trip to Vegas).

BTW, I saw in one forum someone said Wayne looked like a 17 year 17 years old, he weighed 103-112 pounds (If I can convince hime to climb in the very large hot pick suitcase that m
y daughter is loaning us, we'll bring him with) J/K

Then comes slamming into the discussion is resident forum housekeeper and all around BIATCH - Cindy:


"Can Cindy help do something about this too? I thought I read somewhere that she knows Dana, or knows how to get in touch wiht him or something. Don't you think that would be the right thing to do Cindy?"

Wow... just wow. Weems really didn't make an impression on me so I have s
kipped this thread until just now.

After reading the entire thing it has me shaking my head.

What do I think the right thing to do is? Weems should have handled this himself with Joe Silva. His step mother coming on a Zuffa owned and operated message board complaining about the company her step son wants to fight for in the future is not the best way to improve the impression Weems may have made on Dana and Joe. It would surprise me if he isn't a tad bit embarrassed by some of the comments.

The UFC, first and foremost, is a business. Nothing posted on a message board in cyberspace is going to influence the way they conduct their business.

I would be surprised if Dana even knew about the discontent of Weems' parents before today because he stays SLAMMED 24/7 and while I don't agree with the way this has played out on the forum, I did just make Dana aware of what happened and how Weems' step mother feels about it.


"Maybe Dana will see to it that
we get tickets to the finale, but heck who knows."

>>> Have you or Wayne bothered asking Dana or Joe Silva for tickets? If not, you most certainly will not get any.

"The show was interesting but wasn't really a reality show. I guess we can sum it up to a learning experience both as parents of a competitor and fans of the UFC."

>>> The show was created to inform, educate and entertain mainstream viewers about MMA and its effectiveness skyrocketed this sport to a level of awareness beyond what many thought was possible in such a sh
ort period of time.

Four previous seasons aired before Wayne's did and the way the show is filmed and what producers fixate on should have left no surprises for the incoming cast. These guys are there to build the UFC and the sport of MMA and if they are lucky, their careers will benefit as well. Zuffa owes them nothing beyond the opportunity they gave them to compete for the contract... nothing.

More than just the UFC decides on who will fight on the finale show. Spike TV has a hand in the selections as well and perhaps they collectively didn't feel Wayne would be a fighter folks would care to see again therefore he was pulled from the line up. I don't know, I'm just trying to offer another point of view.

Anyway, I brought this to DW's attention so good luck. You went about this all wrong and if I were an employer who had given Wayne the opportunity of a lifetime and my repayment was his family posting negative comments about me on a message board I owned and operated and causing others to do the same w/o having brought the problem to my attention first, he'd never be in another one of my shows. That's just me.


Ok dudes, this is a serious lesson for all of you, DO NOT MESS WITH MMA MOMS!

Check this reply to BIATCH Cindy from Weems' stepmom:

By: fightfans (56) - Ignore user
On: Jun 18, 2007 | 10:25 PM


First off I will state that my opinion has nothing to do
with the way Wayne felt about his participation on the show. He has clearly stated to us that his chance of a lifetime was nothing but a good experience. Yes, we are thankful that the corporation afforded Wayne the opportunity to participate on the show. Again, it is my opinion and my opinion only.

Secondly, I am not asking for tickets for the show. I stated that we could have bought tickets after we found out that Wayne wasn't in the finale but we chose not to. Yes, I did make the staement that maybe Dana would see to it that we got tickets but I really wasn
't serious.

Last but not least, as a forum member I am as much entitled to an opinion just the same as every other member. I am not out to bash anybody but in my opinion every competitor on the show should be entitled to at least attend the finale whether they are slected to compete at the finale or
not. I have watched many of the reality shows and MOST all of them invite their contestants back to attend their season finale. My opinion is no different then your opinion of Wayne. Opinions are to be taken with a grain of salt. I have read many of the forums regarding Wayne and all of the other competitors. While I don't agree with some of the posts, I allow people their opinion and leave it at that.

Now Weems drops in to clear some of the confusion (he's no grammar scholar, that's for sure)

By: wweems23 (11) - Ignore user
On: Jun 19, 2007 | 8:06 AM

WOW.. I just wanted to drop my 2 cents on this subject.. First off let me start by saying in other posts that i made and other people made it said i practiced at MFS about two times before the show wich is some what true it probably was more but not alot but what is never said is
that i only was there a handful of times becaus i was out of town liveing with my manager practiceing twice a day trying to get ready for the show.. Should i have stayed at MFS looking back on it probably but for some reason i took a different route. As far as me not fighting on the finally I was told i would have a fight on the finally and always assumed on the show i would get another shot to prove that i belong in this sport so i keep my mouth shut minded my p's and q's so i would get kicked off the show or jepordize my shot in anyway. When i found out i was fighting i told my friends and family some of wich bought tickest to Vegas for the finally. I was then told i would not be fighting but no reall reason was given. This left my friends and family to make to choices eat the tickets or go some chose to eat them and others chose to go. As far as me not going to the finally does it suck sure But im not going to beg for tickets thats not what i do i would like to see the guys i trained with in the house fight but i m not going to beg the ufc or zuffa for tickets.. I wish everyone the best that fights on the 23 ultimate fighter 5 contestants or not..


Weems drops another literary masterpiece that looks like it was written by his MOM this time:

By: wweems23 (11) - Ignore user
On: Jun 19, 2007 | 3:39 PM

First off I will begin by addressing Cindy

I was told by my manager, who was supposedly informed by Joe Silva that I would have a fight in the finale. I don't recall the exact date when I was told this information. While I was in NY around May 16th for my Tough Lunch Interview, I received a call from my manager inf
orming me that I was no longer on the card. Then I received a call from Joe Silva saying that I shouldn't give up but I should continue training. Other than being told I wasn't fighting, I didn't receive any further explanation.

As far as what you posted from Mike C. I have NEVER claimed to be an MFS Fighter. I have the utmost respect for the Miletich Fighters. I do not believe and h
ave never said that I am at the same level as the MFS Fighters. I will not take claim to be an MFS Fighter until I can represent them the way they are known. When I go to workout I do workout at Miletichs Gym, but this by no means makes me or labels me an MFS Fighter. There are numerous people from the general public who go to classes at Miletich but that doesn't make them MFS Fighters either.

I have no problem with Zuffa, DW, SpikeTV or any other people associated with the show. I learned alot about what it takes to compete at the level of the UFC. As far as me not attending the finale, yeah I would like to, but then again who
wouldn't. After I found out that I wasn't fighting, nobody offered me any tickets to the finale and I am not one to call and ask anybody for tickets. Someday with more training maybe the UFC will give me another shot to prove that I belong in the UFC.

As far you people that go to other forums and copy and paste entries, please feel free to copy and paste any entry that I make on this forum because I do not visit other forums.

I am not bitter or upset that I am not in the finale or attending the finale. I wish all of th
e competitors, TUF5 competitors or not the best of luck.

Pulver Round 2 by knockout!


In a few later posts, TUF Moderator Cindy says that Weems was released from his contract in mid-May and he is one of four fighters who were dropped from the sixteen with the other three being Gabe Ruediger (for not meeting fight weight), Marlon Sims & Noah Thomas (backyard brawlin').

Cindy claims that this is the reason why Weems wasn't granted a ticket with he rest of the TUFers because the UFC wants to protect their brand.

Protect their brand from what? Shitty fighters? Hey Cindy, did you see UFC 72?

So, what did we learn here class?

Corey Hill broke a rib in training and was supposed to fight Allen "Monstah" Berube in the TUF 5 finale.
Weems can't write or fight for shit
Weems' Mom and Cole's Mom are cool

Weems got screwed over. He was told he was going to fight then for no reason or courtesy of an explanation, Weems was pulled from the TUF 5 finale fight card AFTER Weems' parents bought plane tickets with the intention to fly down to Lost Wages to proudly watch their son fight in the UFC.

The UFC crushed the dreams of the Weems family without an apology or an explanation.

Oh well, fuck him, Weems sucks anyway and this is the last we'll ever hear from this punk ass wanna be MMA fighter that should have never been allowed on the show in the first place.

I wonder what Stifler's Mom would have done?

Nathan Diaz & Hermes Franca

The TUF5 finale is on this Saturday @ 9pm EST on Spike TV with Nathan Diaz up against Manny Gamburyan for the TUF5 championship and lucrative UFC contract.

Hermes Franca will be fighting Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk for the UFC Lightweight title July 7 at UFC 73.

Why are these two pieces of information relevant?

Well, Nate Diaz's last professional fight was against Hermes Franca at WEC 24-Full Force on October 12, 2006.

It is possible that Diaz and Franca's paths will cross again which would make the rubber match that much sweeter for Mr. Diaz if Franca wins his next fight against Sean Sherk two and a half weeks from now.

Win or lose, Nate Diaz is going to be a star in the UFC for a long time and he has the potential to become a champion someday. Hell, he's only 22 years old, has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu courtesy of Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy and a true MMA warrior and fighting mentor for a brother in Nick Diaz.

I feel strongly that Nate is gonna win against Manny at the TUF5 finale. After all, how the hell is 5'5" Manny gonna stand against 6' tall Nate... 5'7" Hermes Franca couldn't... never mind taking Nate to the ground either... just ask Gray Maynard about that.

Here's some comedy for you.. It's TUF5 reject Gabe Ruediger fighting Franca at WEC 19 - Undisputed on March 17, 2006.

Poor Gabe can never catch a break, huh?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Blood: Pulver & Penn on Spike TV Tonight

Tonight @ 11:30pm on Spike TV is a half hour warm-up to the June 23rd TUF 5 finale that will see the coaches square off for a second time in their UFC careers to settle the score, once and for all about who is the better fighter.

If you don't get Spike TV then that really sucks however, I have something for you anyway... it's a cool post I dropped down just before the TUF 5 series began so we could all understand why there was "Bad Blood" between B.J. Pen and Jens Pulver.


Anderson Silva Sparring with Minotauro

Anderson Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's trainer Luis Alves is commenting in Portuguese on Big Nog's strategy for the upcoming UFC 73 Heath Herring bout. Also, you can see Ultimate Fight Night 10 star Thiago Tavares on the background.

Silva looks like a monster standing up against the one guy that has the ability to win against Fedor Emelianenko - Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. That's right, I said it!

Anderson "The Spider" Silva with be going against Nate "The Great" Marquardt for the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 73 on July 7, 2007 in Sacramento, California.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will also be on the UFC 73 card and making his UFC debut against former Pride nemesis, Heath Herring.

Big Nog and Herring have fought twice before in Pride FC back in June 2004 at Pride: Critical Countdown 2004 and prior to that Big Nog won by decision at Pride 17 in 2001.

*** Take note of the guest announcer, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson with Bas Rutten and also the attendance of the crowd ... THAT's PRIDE! ***

Priceless Rampage quotes throughout the video :)

A bit of nostalgia for Pride fans:

Herring vs. Nogueira Pride 2004: Critical Countdown

UFC 73: Sean Sherk vs Hermes Franca Preview

UFC 73: Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans Preview

UFC 73: Silva vs Marquardt Preview

Shamrock Fighting The Count at UFC 75

The FightNetwork's Loretta Hunt reported that Ken Shamrock will return to the octagon for UFC 75 in London, England to fight Michael 'The Count' Bisping instead of Matt Hamill as previously reported.

Bisping was on Tito Ortiz's team during the TUF 3 series and now it's time for the grasshopper to kick the crap out of the worst *cough* master *cough* of all time.

This is a good thing for Ken and also for Tito Ortiz. It's nice of the UFC to give Shamrock a chance to earn some losers pay while also giving Tito Ortiz another chance at winning in the octagon again before he decides to run his truck off the road into a pine tree like he's done before.

Bisping by G'n'P in the first... Cro Cop is also on this card against Cheick Kongo.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

UFC 72 Videos

Well, the search for UFC 72 videos was more challenging than previous UFC events however, I have the whole damn event for you because y'all have come to expect this sort of thing right? Spread it around fast 'cause I'm not sure how long these will last until Zuffa finds out about it. Enjoy!

*** Update, sorry folks Zuffa flew by and knocked the videos down. I'll see about resurrecting them at a later date ***

UFC Coming Up North

Canadian Press

6/16/2007 1:04:56 PM

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (CP) - The UFC is coming to Canada this fall.

The mixed martial arts circuit will be in Montreal in October, UFC president Dana White told The Canadian Press. He did not provide a date for the show but said the decision to come to Canada was made Saturday.

The UFC had planned to hold a show at Montreal's Bell Centre on April 7 but the card was called off in December. At the time White said: ''There were a lot of different things that made that fight fall apart.''

Now it appears Montreal is back on the UFC dance card.

White has called Canada ''a phenomenal breakthrough market'' for the UFC, citing pay per view buy rate and ticket sales as evidence of the Canadian interest in mixed martial arts.

Montreal has a thriving MMA scene, with the TKO circuit running successful cards at the Bell Centre already. It is also home to former UFC (welterweight) champion Georges St. Pierre.

With the UFC having already expanded to England and Northern Ireland, White is now looking to closer territories north and south of the U.S. border. A card in Mexico is expected in the first half of 2008.

''England, Canada and Mexico, those are all kind of no-brainers for us,'' White said Saturday prior to UFC 72.

The UFC also plans to expand into mainland Europe in 2008.

After UFC 72 in Belfast, shows are planned in Sacramento, Calif. (UFC 73, July 7), Las Vegas (UFC 74, Aug. 25) and London, England (UFC 75, Sept. 8).

St. Pierre is due to fight Josh Koscheck at UFC 74 in his first fight since losing the 170-pound title to Matt (The Terror) Serra in April in Houston at UFC 69.

Toronto is not an option for the UFC since mixed martial arts is not sanctioned in Ontario.

Kimbo Trains with Bas & MILF Hunter

Pride in the name of UFC

After watching UFC 72, I can't get the images of piss poor fighting out of my mind. I actually bought the UFC 72 PPV to see real cowardice in the octagon... fuck that, bring back Pride and bring it back NOW.

I watched UFC 72 which was nothing more than a watered down version of a Spike TV Ultimate Fight Night event with a TUF fight (Rory Singer) sprinkled in there. In fact, UFN 10 kicked UFC 72's ass.

Anyway, if you feel cheated by what you saw (except for Clay Guida and Tyson Griffin) then watch this montage comprised of real fighters who bring the fight every time to wash away the bullshit you just witnessed in UFC 72... catchy tune too which happens to be MMA Fever's theme song ;)

UFC 72 Falls Flat

Were you looking for excitement in the main card bouts? Well, I'm sure you're still looking because UFC 72 fell flat with me and I'm sure quite a few others too.

Let's start off with Franklin & Okami shall we... Franklin needs another Anderson Silva to kick the living shit out of him. What a panzy ass coward who doesn't bring the fight to the fighter. I hope they give Franklin another chance at Silva because I'll be rooting for the fighter with the most fight in him and that's not and never will be "Gun Shy" Franklin.

Franklin fought to not lose as opposed to fighting to win. It's that kind of fighting style that brought Randy Couture out of retirement to kick the bejesus out of Tim Sylvia.

Okami appeared to be relaxed and also fought in a stand-offish manner which pissed me off quite a bit. I mean, if I wanted to watch "Dancing with the Stars" then I'd watch it on free TV as opposed to pay per view.

Okami woke up and realized that he was actually in a fight in round 3. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late and the unanimous decision win went to 'Fucked Face' Franklin. Boooo!

More of the same with Forrest Griffin & Hector Ramirez. Fighting from the perimeter to 'not get hit'. Forrest was also gun shy since he got knocked the fuck out by Jardine at UFC 66. Karma's a bitch 'cause Jardine received the same fate at UFC 71 against Houston Alexander but I digress...

Forrest fought to not lose instead of bringing the fight to fight to win. I definitely blame Forrest for the poor display of MMA in the octagon. In fact, let's not call what we saw "mixed martial arts", instead let's refer to it as a lesser form called Ultimate Fighting.

I don't blame Hector Ramirez at all. He looked a bit out of shape but underneath he had enough conditioning to go the full 15 minutes with Griffin an not require a stretcher to exit the Odyssey arena in Belfast, Ireland.

Hector probably appreciated the plane ride out of East Los Angeles over the pond to Ireland the most because he didn't seem all too interested in the fight, the fight HE was in!

Very sad display of mixed martial arts from the headlining bouts but rather a mediocre showing of the lesser form called - Ultimate Fighting.

The fight of the night belongs to Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida. I don't know what it is about Clay Guida but man, he is exciting and very different from any other cat you've ever seen.

These dudes were bringin' it to each other relentlessly and gave the UFC fans a proper display of mixed martial arts as opposed to Ultimate Fighting. I'm lovin' the 155lb weight class and I'll go on record now to say that it has more depth in terms of talent than any other weight class in the UFC today.

I watched Tyson and Clay a second time because I thought Clay was robbed by the split decision loss to Griffin however, I do agree with the overall decision and that fight would make a good case for a draw. Let's hope we see those two go at it again sometime soon.

Ed Herman also put on a good show. Notice that I said Ed and not Scott Smith. Herman pretty well dominated Smith in the first round and gave him a vicious gash from his right elbow across the top bridge of his nose that bled profusely into Smith's eyes while Herman was in top control.

Round 2 starts and Herman continues to dominate Smith then finally ends the misery and applies a rear naked choke that didn't warrant any attempt at defense from Smith as he seemed to gladly tap out and be done with Herman and his elbows.

I mentioned in a previous post that the UFC 72 fight card was a piece of Irish shit and unfortunately, I was right. Then again, there are those that may say that UFC 72 was great, those would be the same people who love the Affliction T-shirts too I suppose 'cause those are shit too and gots ta go.

Ahhh... on a brighter note, my fight predictions were perfect as I picked the winners for all the fights. This is a first for me and now I rank in the top 10% at (#610 out of 6291 with a 63% win rate)

Enter Rocky anthem music... Getting stronger!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

UFC 72 Live Results

Ed Herman Vs. Scott Smith - first bout on the UFC 72 PPV card.

Herman wins first round... Scott's face is cut.. required referee stoppage

Ed Herman wins in round 2 via rear naked choke.

Clay Guida Vs. Tyson Griffin

Controversy... looks liken Guida tapped while he was in Griffin's guillotine... Griffin wins first round... round 2 coming up...

Clay Guida wins round 2 due to two major attempts at a rear naked choke... round 3 coming up...

Clay Guida presses the action and loses via split decision to Tyson Griffin.

Jason MacDonald Vs. Rory Singer... coming up next

Rory Singer finished the round with MacDonald in a leg triangle... I consider the first round a draw due to the back and forth control.

Second round....

MacDonald mounts Rory Singer and the fight is called (TKO) due to strikes in the full mount.

Forrest Griffin Vs. Hector Ramirez... coming up next...

Equal match-up between both fighters... round 2 coming up...

Griffin presses the action and wins round 2... 3rd round coming up...

Griffin presses the action... BORING FIGHT... Griffin wins by unanimous decision

Rich Franklin Vs. Yushin Okami coming up next....

Very BORING first round... Franklin looks gun shy against Okami

Round 2 coming up...

Very boring second round... stand up all of round 2... Franklin has the advantage...

Okami took it to Franklin on the ground however, the 3rd round ended...

Franklin wins by unanimous decision over Okami.

Preliminary fight - Jason Tan Vs. Marcus Davis.... coming up next

Marcus Davis wins by TKO over Jason Tan in round 1.

Submission of the night.... Ed Herman.

End of UFC 72 PPV event

Eddie Sanchez defeats Colin Robinson via technical knockout (strikes) in round two.

Dustin Hazelett defeats Stevie Lynch via submission (anaconda choke) in round one.

How to View UFC 72: Victory

The UFC 72 fight card doesn't seem too appealing however, there are alternatives to buying the PPV event. Why not go support your local watering hole to spend an afternoon with the boys of the UFC in Belfast, Ireland.

Rumor has it that the Odyssey Arena that holds 8-9 thousand people and UFC 72 is still not sold out. Apparently, the UFC folks have been quietly comping free tickets to fill the arena for the globally televised PPV event.

Smart move because of the hefty ticket prices quoted on Ticketmaster range from £30.00 - £250.00. Pounds, not dollars but British Pounds. 1 GBP = 1.97627 USD.

I verified the ample ticket availability by trying to buy Octagon side tickets and there are quite a few still available.

Remember, the fights start at 3pm ET & 12pm PT and as always, MMA Fever will stick two big Irish fingers up in the air at Zuffa to post the fights right here as soon as they surface so please check back often for updates.

U.S. sports bars showing UFC 72: Victory

Canadian sports bars showing UFC 72: Victory

Karo & Diaz TUF 5 Drama

Karo is a loose cannon... PERIOD.

I like Karo Parisyan in the octagon, outside of it, he's just a pompous dick with no class. Karo should spend more time learning how to finish a fight rather than spouting off bombastically like he's the kid to beat in the sandbox.

In my opinion, it was Karo who initiated the aggression and provoked a fight between them although, I can't help but crack up when I see Nate's bottom lip curl up when he's ready to pounce. What a tell that was probably the catalyst that put Karo in a frenzy.

Nate Diaz said it best at the end of the TUF 5 clip, "Fuck that guy".

Nate Diaz is squaring off against Manny Gamburyan (Karo's cousin) in the TUF 5 Finale live on Spike TV on June 23. My heart says Nick but my mind tells me that Manny will pull this one off by decision.

Check out the objective view of what TUF 5 fighter Joe Lauzon says about Karo's behavior to dispel any argument about creative editing on Spike TV's part.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cro Cop - "I Wish to be Champion of UFC"

I discovered a recent article about Mirko Cro Cop specific to his thoughts on his loss to Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 70. Unfortunately, the brief exclusive interview was not from an English language site so I couldn't figure it out even after trying multiple online language translation tools.

Then, in a stroke of brilliance, I reached out to my friend and co-worker John Markac who is himself Croatian and also has mad boxing skills he learned from his homeland of Croatia and a recent convert to MMA since I just can't stop talking to him about it... especially when it comes to Cro Cop.

Here is the original source

Here is the translated article from MMA Fever fan, Johnny!

Head Cro Fight Organizer Mirko Filipovic in an interview with New TV stated that the next fight under the American Organization UFC will be September 8, 2007 in London, England. This will be the first event since the onslaught of the Brazilian Gonzage in Manchester.

- I’m going to “Break the English Maler”. I hope to win and don’t care who I am up against. I’m full of motive and wish to win. I wish to be champion of UFC under this difficult category and will push myself to accomplish this under any circumstance.

- I have set up a grueling training schedule. I start at 6:30 a.m. and train till 9:00 p.m. everyday. That is my duty since what happened in Manchester. Therefore this summer I will not see summer. I will train without stopping. Goodbye from you Croation fighter.

Mirko is set to fight Cheick Kongo at UFC 75 in London, England September 8, 2007.

No Need to tell Cro Cop... he doesn't care and from the looks of it, will not stop until he dominates the UFC Heavyweight division while ripping the belt from the waist of whomever has it when he gets his chance at the top title in the UFC.

In case you missed the reasons why our friend Mr.Cro Cop is pissed, then check out what happened to him in his last fight at UFC 70 in Manchester England against Gabriel Gonzaga:

Thanks again Johnny!

UFC 72 Weigh-In Results & Pictures

UFC 72
Saturday, June 16
Odyssey Arena
Belfast, Northern Ireland
PPV – 3pm ET / 12pm PT

Official Weigh-in Results

Main Event
Rich Franklin (185) vs Yushin Okami (185)

Forrest Griffin (204) vs Hector Ramirez (204)
Jason MacDonald (185) vs Rory Singer (186)
Tyson Griffin (155) vs Clay Guida (155)
Marcus Davis (169) vs Jason Tan (169)
Eddie Sanchez (234) vs Colin Robinson (238)
Ed Herman (186) vs Scott Smith (185)
Dustin Hazelett (169) vs Steve Lynch (170)

Click on over to to check out the UFC 72 weigh-in pictures

Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez

Do you hear that?

That's the sound of silence because nooooooooobody is talkin' 'bout the "Sick Dog" Hector Ramirez and I mean nobody. Too bad 'cause this bad ass from the barrio of East Los Angeles is nobody's bitch.

I mentioned the same sound of silence about another fighter who seems to be regarded as a top contender in the Heavyweight division now... who could that be?

Take a look at the UFC 72 poster and notice that Hector is missing. It isn't because he missed the photo that day either. What the hell is this, "Plus Forrest Griffin" with only three fighters promoted on the poster?

I found an interview with Hector Ramirez that you would enjoy below...

*** Notice that Ramirez is coached by Juanito Ibarra who also happens to be Rampage Jackson's coach... could be trouble for Griffin ***

StrictlyMMA Interview:
Interview with UFC Fighter Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez

This is a cool video of Kendal Grove getting KTFO by Sick Dog at King of the Cage on 5/7/2005.

Royce on Roids

The man, Royce Gracie and his family who introduced the fine art of Jiu-Jitsu to the masses since his first "No Holds Barred" UFC 1 Championship win has sought out a competitive advantage in a drug called Nandrolone which is an anabolic steroid according to the CSAC results of his post-fight urine tests.

From Sherdog:

"Gracie (14-3-3) has been suspended from June 2, 2007 through May 30, 2008, and is fined $2,500, the maximum penalty by the CSAC. The 40-year-old member of the legendary fighting family has until July 13 to appeal the suspension to the CSAC.

Calls to Gracie's representatives were not immediately returned."

Royce Gracie defeated legendary Pride FC fighter Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba in K1 Hero's by unanimous decision on June 2, 2007.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Franklin vs. Okami - UFC 72 Preview

You can tell a lot about a fighter from studying their style of fight and also, how they performed in their last fight especially when there is a stylistic difference.

This is not to say that the fighter will be the exact same fighter in their next fight (unless they choose to be) however, it is a good indication of what to expect barring any overhaul in style since the last time the fighter fought.

Wow, that was clear as mud.

I noticed a similarity in the fighting styles of Franklin and Okami's last opponents... they seemed to be the same style that each will face in UFC 72.

Mike Swick has a Rich Franklin style of fight as Jason MacDonald's strength is in his ground game much the same as Yushin Okami. Rich beat MacDonald and Okami beat Swick. Now the two fighters are up against the same style of fight again except this time, "Two men enter, one man leave" (Shameless Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome reference)

I've included Franklin and Okami's last bouts in the UFC and you tell me if I am way off base here. It's important to note that Okami has heavy hands unlike MacDonald, and Franklin is better at defending the takedown than Mike Swick. Both fighters have excellent conditioning as a lack of stamina will not play a factor in this UFC 72 main event.

Their records are eerily similar so it's tough to say either way who has the advantage.

Franklin: 21 - 2 - 0
Okami: 20 - 3 - 0

Let me know who you think will win this fight otherwise, I'll just flip a coin.

UFC 69 - Mike Swick vs. Yushin Okami

UFC 68 - Rich Franklin vs. Jason MacDonald

Bas Rutten Training Kimbo Slice

I mentioned earlier that the one and only Miami Street Brawler Kimbo Slice is set to take on Merciless Ray Mercer on June 23 for both fighters CFFC debut into the world of mixed martial arts.

Today, it has come to light that the one, the only, El Guapo (a.k.a Bas Rutten - to those who didn't follow Pride) is training the YouTube street brawlin' phenom for his upcoming fight and had a few words to say on Sherdog Forums in his defence:

"OK guys, I have to say something here.

I am training Kimbo right now, and I have to say that he is one of the BEST fighters I have EVER trained. He really listens to you and does what you say, do you know how hard that it? If he's dead tired, and I tell him five more rounds, he looks at me, but doesn't say anything, he just does it.

I entroduced him to the Bas Rutten MMA workout, he was SO tired, he told me that he has never been as tired. Today I was teaching him again, he asked me in the beginning "Are we ging to do the Bas Rutten workout?" But he said it in a crazy way, so I asked him "Do you want to do it?". He said "Please, yes!" I asked him why, because all my PROFESSIONAL fighters don't want to do it.
He said "Bas, I want to conquer this thing, I want to do it!" Man, he gets, Lots, and losts of respect!

All the shit that people write about him, I am telling you, and I hope you know I don't lie, he's a trooper! I wish that all my fighters would be like him. Even my wife loves the guy. He is SO respectful and uses NO bad language in front of kids (my two little daughters love him, and they don't like anybody!), I am REALLY, blown away.

He really deserves this, I think this. Can a boxer be a MMA FIGHTER? We all know the answer, but can a street fighter be an MMA fighter? We all KNOW the answer to that!

I would wish that all my fighters were like him, like I said, I can put him through every workout I give him, he WILL do it, no questions asked.

I hope you guys meet Kimbo one day, you will be blown away. I just came back from an MMA event and I brought him there, just see how he is with the fans, it's crazy!

You also know that I would NEVER train an asshole, so trust me, but he's got me, Shawn Tompkins (who trained him longer than I have,) and Randy Kathami (boxing coach for my gym) respect. I REALLY love the guy.

El Guapo says:

Party one and Godspeed!!"

If Bas Rutten says he's good... then he's good... end of story!

If you don't believe Bas, then go ahead and tell him yourself :)

Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout - UFN 10

This was probably the best fight of the year by far in the Lightweight division. Second runner-up has to be the Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia with Frank Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin following very closely.

The rest of the Ultimate Fight Night 10 videos are Right Here!

Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout

Patrycja Mikula & The Pitbull

"Playboy's Cyber Girl" Patrycja Mikula is romantically linked to the Belarusian UFC Heavyweight fighter, Andre "The PitBull" Arlovski.

Check out Patrycja's MySpace site for more pix of her, and her, and her and oh yeah... Andre.

This is all I got... do you really need a story to go along with it?

Enjoy your day!

Johnnie "Juice" Morton

Johnnie Morton, former NFL wide receiver has tested positive for anabolic steroids following his June 2nd MMA debut in K1 Hero's according to California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer, Armando Garcia.

Morton's debut took less time than it probably took him to take the piss test for CSAC which saw him get KTFO 38 seconds into the first round.

According to the Sherdog exclusive:

"Morton faces the revocation of his license as well as a maximum $2,500 fine. Disciplinary action is on hold until the CSAC receives the results for Morton's drugs of abuse tests. Garcia said Morton was notified via letter several days after the fight, and that he has 10 days to respond if he wishes to receive a hearing in front of the commission.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Morton had not responded."

If you missed Morton's fight (and I'm sure he missed it too) check it out right here

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MMA on the Daily Show

Funny shyte!

GSP Talks Kos

Georges St.Pierre recently commented on his upcoming August 25th, UFC 74 fight against Josh Koscheck:

“I have fought all the top guys in the UFC and beaten them. But, when I am a 12 to 1 favorite I go and lose. Koscheck is one of the best guys in the UFC and I am going to be 100% ready for him!”

The question is, does GSP still have the same confidence that he used to bring into the Octagon or will he be forever be plagued with the 'jitters' before every fight.

If we see the same GSP that faced Matt Hughes, you know, the one with fire in his eyes then GSP will win this fight. If not, we could witness the greatest tragedy in MMA with the downward spiral of one of the sports best pound for pound fighters and at such a very young age too.

I'll be supporting GSP however, this fight against Koscheck does concern me a little bit.

UFC 72 Predictions by MMA Girls

Is it me or do these girls choose the winning fighters based on their sex appeal?

MMA Girls have a new site so do yourself a favor and check out their videos... I can't compete with THAT

UFN 10 - The Best Yet?

In the previous post I declared that I am officially a converted fan of the Lightweight division and last night's Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV dispelled any shred of doubt that may have still been looming.

I'm a fan now.

The Stout-Fisher fight sealed the deal for me.

As Joe Rogan says, "WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

Words to describe UFN 10 - Explosive, exciting, technical, intense, surprising, shocking, tense, suspenseful, and just plain old fun for the viewer.

Here's a taste of UFN10 to keep you going until Saturday when UFC 72 hopefully parallels the same excitement that I witnessed last night.

Here's to being hungover on a Wednesday morning, gentlemen!

Jon Fitch vs Roan Carneiro

Drew McFedries vs Jordan Radev

Anthony Johnson vs Chad Reiner

Jason Black vs Thiago Tavares

For the full UFN 10 fight results, head on over to

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Urijah Faber - You-Rye-Ahhhhhh

Who is this guy and why should you know???

Urijah is the real deal. He currently fights for World Extreme Cagefighting in their Featherweight division (145 lb). I know, I rag on the lightweights quite a bit but this dude has "the stuff" and is a real joy to watch.

The California Kid as he is called is currently 19-1 with his only loss happening at the end of the fist of UFC Lightweight, Tyson Griffin almost two years ago.

Don't be too surprised to see Urijah Faber jump up to the Lightweight division (155 lb) of the UFC in the not so distant future to add more intensity to an already intense weight division... yes, I am now a Lightweight convert.

Check out Urijah's recent win against Chance Farrar at WEC 28 and I am sure you will know why he deserves a whole lot more attention from the MMA community and the UFC in particular. - Get into it!

I'm not the best at predicting the outcome of MMA fights but at the same time, I am certainly not the worst either. I say this with confidence due to the fact that I currently rank 985 / 5917 on

If you have not had the chance to sign up to MMAPlayground, you really are missing out on a great site... a free site too. MMAPlayground allows you to make fight predictions and scores you based on the outcome of the fights whether by win/loss, which round/decision ended the fight and how the fight ended KO or submission.

Points are allocated for accuracy of the prediction following the MMA event outcome which gives me a chance to brag a bit about how lucky I have been considering the unpredictable nature of the sport.

There is also 'fantasy' wagers between each player and you start out with $500 virtual bucks which rises and falls depending on whether you decide to bet or not and also virtual cash is given when you correctly predict the outcome of an MMA fight.

I think there is a cash prize for the winner at the end of the year but I play to see if I have what it takes to learn from the sport and apply my predictions based on the style of fight each fighter brings rather than the popularity of the fighter. MMAPlayground gives me a central repository of all my predictions past and present so I can tell you that I need a bit more work to crack the top 100.

Here are the details posted on the main page:

Hello and welcome to, a FREE fantasy MMA website for Pride FC and UFC mixed martial arts fans with two games to be played. The first is simple: correctly pick the winner for an upcoming fight to score points. Score additional points for guessing the fights conclusion.

At the end of each fight season the person with the most points will be announced and win a prize (this season's prize is $500*).

The second is a fantasy wager system, where you can earn fantasy dollars by both guessing a fight's specific outcome and by making bets with fellow mixed martial arts fans here on So, invite your friends and join the community today! Happy gaming!

RANT: Who freakin' knew that GSP would get KTFO anyway! - I'm still pissed about that. /End of Rant.

I also enjoy the up to date news headlines on the main page but the real gem is beneath all of that in a very active forum of people (just like you) that share a passion for the sport of MMA. Very cool, inviting and knowledgeable people on that forum that make your time spent there enjoyable.

The best part is that it's not too late to join either... it's free so get on over there and join in on the fun and the well deserved bragging rights.

The next upcoming fight for MMAPlayground predictions is UFC 72: Victory which is happening on Saturday, June 16. Over the next few days I'll be ranting...err... writing about the fighting style match-ups of each fight while revealing my picks for who I'd like to win (notice how clever I am by saying who I'd like to win rather than who will win... that's because I rank 985 / 5917 and not 1 / 5917 ).

(Just don't use my picks to bet your house on please and if you do and win then feel free to cut a piece of cheddah off for me!!!)

Remember that Ultimate Fight Night 10 is on Spike TV tonight at 9pm ET/PT to get you worked up for UFC 72 this Saturday. Get your UFC 72 picks in before Saturday!

Go ahead and join MMAPlayground today.

Thank You to MMA Fever Fans

Today has been crazy busy for me so I have not had the attention to updating MMA Fever this morning however, I received a friendly note from a fellow Torontonian that gave me some positive encouragement to carry on (sometimes I forget that there is an audience of MMA crazed fans out there just like me).

Dear Mr. Clark,

A recent bolg of yours revealed that you are from Toronto, so I wanted to give an in-Toronto congrats on what you are doing and I encourage you to keep doing it. I'm sure you are contributing to the rise of popularity of MMA.



I also want to give a shout out to the dudes who crowd the Firkin restaurants to watch the UFC PPV fights not only in Toronto but also in the rest of Canada where MMA is fast becoming hotter than Hockey... just ask the bar owners whether Hockey or UFC PPV events in Canada pack in the most "thirsty" fans.

Yes, I know it's blasphemous for a Canadian to say that however, when the current Stanley Cup champions are called 'The Mighty Ducks' who are based out of California where ice exists only in cold drinks then it's time to move on to another sport.

OA, thank you for your kind words and I'll do my best to deliver engaging MMA content that is sure to feed the MMA Fever in all of us.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tito Ortiz on Mad TV

Chuck Liddell on Opie & Anthony Show

Chuck Liddell returned to the Opie and Anthony Show on June 7th to talk about his UFC 71 defeat against Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson and also speak about why he was so trashed in the now famous NyQuil and sleeping pill induced interview he had about the movie, 300.

Rumours circulated throughout the MMA community when a former knockout victim of Chuck Liddell, Vernon White made mention that Chuck should not have fought so early after coming out of rehab to face Rampage.

According to Chuck's camp, the rumour is just that... a rumour and the Liddell camp denies any time served in rehab prior to the Iceman losing his UFC Light Heavyweight belt to Rampage Jackson.

If you missed Chuck all "Chucked-Up" then watch this:

Tommy Morrison - Boxing match with 4-ounce gloves

According to MMA Weekly, the touted mixed martial arts debut of former boxer, Tommy Morrison wasn't exactly a mixed martial arts fight, not even close.

"But MMAWeekly sources confirmed that Stover’s contract going into the fight stated in large, bold print “THIS IS A STRIKING MATCH ONLY, NO GROUND.” Removing the ground game from the fight usually takes away many of the elements that classify a bout as mixed martial arts. In addition, according to Messano’s report, the rules were then changed even further prior to the fight and it was announced that there would be no knees, elbows or kicks allowed either. In the end, such rules turned the bout into a three 3-minute round boxing match with 4-ounce gloves."

Morrison went on to win the Boxing match in the first round against the 345lb sloth like Stover at 2:08.
Let's hope this is the last time we hear about Tommy again.

Cheick Kongo to face Cro Cop at UFC 75

It is rumoured that Cheick Kongo will fight Cro Cop at UFC 75 in London, England on September 8, 2007

Cheick last fought in the UFC 70: Nations Collide event in Manchester, England that resulted in a majority decision for the powerful Parisian against the brawny Brazillian, Assuerio Silva.

It was quite evident in Cheick Kongo's last fight that he needed more work on his ground game however, the same can be said for Mirko Cro Cop who lost to Gabriel Gonzaga on the ground and on his feet at the foot of Gonzaga's right high kick.

Expect a stand up K1 kickboxing style fight that is sure to get the fans cheering and on their feet too most of the fight. My pick - Cro Cop in Round 2 by TKO.

The UFC 75 Fight Card to date according to MMA Weekly:

-Quinton Jackson (#2 Light Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Dan Henderson (#4 Light Heavyweight in the World)*
-Mirko Cro Cop (#3 Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Cheick Kongo
-Michael Bisping vs. TBA
-Alessio Sakara vs. TBA
-Jess Liaudin vs. TBA
-Dennis Siver vs. TBA

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Xyience: How Normal People View it

All those Xyience commercials and product placement in the octagon, energy drinks, bars, gum, chips, whatever are being rammed down your consumer throat whenever anything UFC is on TV or pay per view.

Here is how normal people view those ads:

Tommy Morrision MMA Training Picture

Is he HIV+, is he HIV-... whatever and who cares except for the dude fighting him I suppose.

I wasn't going to give Tommy Morrision the time of day except that I stumbled upon this picture and I had to add this picture that just wreaks of wrongness when it is also so damn right and funny as hell! (It really isn't Tommy in training for those who lack a sense of humour).

Tommy "Gunn", who was the nemesis to Rocky Balboa in Rocky V is set to begin his MMA career today with his first fight against a pure no-name slob. Tommy is clearly riding the coattails of the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts and he's looking to capitalize and cash in by turning his MMA debut into a freak show.

I hope to have the Morrison vs. Stover video for you tomorrow.

From Tommy Morrision's Wiki page

MMA Career

Tommy Morrison will make his MMA debut when he steps into the cage to face 340-pound mixed martial artist John Stover. The bout is scheduled to take place as part of the June 9 event at Cliff Castle Casino in Arizona presented by Worldwide Fighting Championship. Some controversy has grown around the event as it is not being overseen by the Arizona State Athletic Commission and no blood tests (specifically for HIV) have been done.

HIV Testing and Retirement

A few days before his next fight, to be shown on Showtime, Morrison had a mandatory HIV test performed by the Nevada Athletic Commission. It was revealed during Showtime's telecast of the boxing undercard that Morrison's HIV test proved positive, automatically retiring him from boxing as a competitor.

Later in 1996, Morrison announced that he wished to make a comeback with one more bout, the proceeds of which would benefit his newly created KnockOut Aids Foundation. Morrison won the non-sanctioned fight in a first-round knockout of Marcus Rhode in Tokyo. Morrison finished his boxing career with a record of 47 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw, with 41 of his wins by knockout.

After his retirement, Morrison spent 14 months in prison on drug and weapons charges, and he would later also plead guilty to drunk driving.

Testing Negative for HIV

His return to prizefighting came after several years of his belief that he was given a false-positive HIV exam in Las Vegas. Since December 2006, Morrison claimed that he had tested negative for HIV on four occasions.The head of the Arizona State Boxing Commission personally watched Morrison take a blood test at a lab in Phoenix, and received the official results demonstrating that Morrison was HIV negative.

As a result of his negative test in Phoenix, Morrison was licensed Tuesday February 20, 2007 by the West Virginia Athletic Commission and faced John Castle of Indianapolis in a four-round bout Thursday night February 22, 2007 at Mountaineer Race Track in Chester. Castle (4-2, 2 KOs) had been knocked out in his last two fights. After landing few punches, and being scored behind at the end of the first round, Morrison swooped in with his trademark left hook to knock out Castle in the middle of Round 2.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dana White - Tool of the Day

Plain and simple... Dana White is allowing Allen Berube to fight in the TUF5 finale after stating that Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas would not fight... ever in the UFC because of the backyard fight outside of the TUF 5 house.

Hey Dana, you kicked Allen off the TUF 5 show too for participating in the backyard fight as the referee and promoter, remember? Now you reward him after telling him and the other two to pack their bags and go away forever *cough* except for Allen Berube *cough*?

Dana, you are a hypocrite!

Dana, today you have earned the dishonorable distinction of being MMA Fever's "Tool of the Day". Welcome to the Tool Shed Mr. UFC President and say hello to Hall of Famer Tool - Tito Ortiz.

Dana looks very devilish in that picture don't you think?

TUF 5 Recap Video

Have you missed The Ultimate Fighter 5 series and feel left out of the loop? Well, you really haven't missed too much and I have the perfect video for you to get all caught up for the semi-finals for next week (Thursday's @ 10pm EST on Spike TV)

With Manny & Nate Diaz winning last night, the remaining four fighters are - Joe Lauzon, Nate Diaz, Manny Gamburyan and Gray Maynard.

Catch the nonsense of what you missed in about 16 minutes with a few modifications to the video that I am sure you will enjoy...

Diego Sanchez vs. Hayato Sakurai at UFC 74?

Well, that's the rumour circulating in the MMA community courtesy of

Sakurai is no joke which means that he's no Koscheck so Diego "Dirty" Sanchez has his work cut out for him.

Another tidbit of information about Diego Sanchez that's been flying around is who he has been diddling with lately. Because y'all like to play games, check out this game to see who had Diego at 'hello'... you won't be disappointed :)

Kimbo Slice Interview - "I'm on another level"

I know, I didn't think Kimbo Slice could string a sentence together either other than, "All day!", but in this CFFC 5 interview with Kimbo about his upcoming fight on June 23 against former pro boxer, 'Merciless' Ray Mercer, Kimbo impressed me!

Check out the grill and beehive beard on Kimbo too... he IS a character... All Day!

Here is the direct video link if the video does not play.

Chuck Liddell's Acting Start

Below is a video of Chuck's first stab at acting according to a fellow high school mate of The Iceman. The movie is quite bad however, considering that it's a High School and 1988 production, it was enough to showcase some foreshadowing into Chuck's future.

Especially the part when he gets knocked down :)

Here is the comment left by the YouTube poster:

"My brother and Chuck were in honors English in High School back in 1988 and we made this goofy karate movie for their class assignment.

I am also proud to say i was the varsity lightweight on his wrestling team in 1989. Chuck was one of the best high school wrestlers in the state of California.

Make no mistake he is a true champion and a class act.
Looking forward to his next bout.

Please visit my website at"

Chuck Liddell - Man Whore

Awesome footage of Male Gigolo and Man Whore, Chuck Liddell partying like he's... well... Chuck Liddell. Chuck left some big shoes for Rampage to fill at the nightclubs.

Deuce Bigalow would be very, very proud.

Forrest Griffin - "I was on Queer Street"

This post goes out to my girlfriend who is Forrest Griffin's biggest fan (she thinks he's cute or some crap like that) and the guy who said I was unfair when I said Forrest Griffin ran out of the Octagon (after his loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 66) like a little bitch.

Well, he did run like a little bitch and the man himself admits that FACT too.

“I’m a poor loser,” Griffin said. “I started freaking out and acting like a little bitch right there in the cage but I got it all out right away so that was good. I was fine once we got back into the locker room. He hit a lot harder than I thought he would and my chin wasn’t as good as I thought it was. “I’ve been knocked out before but that was the first time I was on ‘queer street’.”

Griffin mentions that he hasn't made any changes to his fighting style... we all remember Chuck Liddell saying the same thing about not making changes for his fight with Rampage and how THAT turned out.

Check out MMAonTAP for the complete story which covers Griffin's comments in a Pre-UFC 72 press conference and also his feelings about his upcoming fight against Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez

Jabba the Hut & Chuck

Maybe Chuck's movie career isn't over after losing his UFC Light Heavyweight title after all... Somebody call George Lucas to start on a prequel to the prequels of the Star Wars saga. Funny Shiznit.

MMA & Beer

From a fans perspective, the two go hand in hand and sometimes, literally. So last night, I'm off to my MMA workout by visiting the local Beer Store (in Ontario, the liquid of the Gods are not sold in the corner stores) and three dudes stopped me from entering The Beer Store.

Ok, it's some serious ass kickin' time if you want to play me like that so I asked the dude, "What is this?", the guy said they were petitioning for an upcoming Drink Tax in the City of Toronto.

When I heard this, I walked right through them and before I made it through the door, the guy said, "Buddy, we're not FOR the Drink Tax, we're AGAINST it", so he handed me a brochure about the issue and what people can do to avert this nasty action by Toronto City Council.

While in the Beer Store I read the brochure, paid for my 2-4 and walked back out and signed the petition against the proposed Drink Tax.

Why did I sign it? Well, because I respect the passion and committment that these dudes were showing and I don't want to pay any more money for my MMA workout than I have to really. It made sense to me.

To the dudes hanging outside of the Don Mills & The Donway Beer Store... Cheers!

If you are from Toronto, check out their cause at

Liddell on Letterman

Ahh... I suppose I could've chosen a different title huh?

Regardless, Chuck Liddell speaks about his loss at UFC 71 against Rampage Jackson. The video is out of sync with the audio however, it is reminiscent of the charming film making of the 1970's Kung-Fu movies we all enjoyed and still do to this day.

Real MMA Fans - a UFC Parody

What I had in mind for MMA Fever was to create a bare bones, stripped down environment to showcase mixed martial arts from a fans perspective and specifically for the fans of the sport of MMA hence the 'Fever' part in MMA Fever.

With that being said, here is a video clip of what I would call a very clever parody of what it would look like if two "Real" MMA fans where to be fighting in a UFC PPV event. The video is the lead up to a fight and plays very well on the drama and the hype between two fighters who are ready to risk it all in the 21st century coliseum we call... the Octagon.

Thanks to Nacho for bringing this to the forefront... it's what MMA Fever is all about!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Geico Commercial - Gonzaga & Cro Cop Cameo

"So easy a caveman can do it"

Tito's Ass Kickin' High Score

If you haven't had a chance to Kick Tito's Ass then you're really missing out.

Here is a screen shot of the highest score to date courtesy of Ilo Yo!:
Nacho & Javy have also matched the top score too... and I'm still trying

UFCMania is also buzzing with Kick'n' Tito's Ass too.

Which site will produce the highest score?

Kick Tito's Ass!

This one should waste a bit of time today... cool concept!
Beat my best score - 67702 and post your score in the comments.

Dana White: "Those guys will never fight in the UFC - ever."

MMA Fever has been following this story about Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas who were kicked off the Spike TV reality series, The Ultimate Fighter 5 for engaging in a backyard fight while the TUF5 series was filming.

According to the TV contract, the fighters are not permitted to engage in any harmful activity with the other contestants outside of the sanctioned fights in the octagon and clearly, Marlon and Noah including Allen Berube who acted as the backyard referee were all removed from the show for breaking the rules.

It was Spike TV that broke the news that Marlon Sims and Noah would be fighting at the TUF5 finale June 23rd however, Dana White has a slightly different perspective of what will go down that night and with whom according to his discussion with Steve Sievert of Brawl Sports:

"They're not fighting on the finale," said UFC President Dana White. "Not only are they not fighting in the finale, they'll never fight in the UFC. Spike wanted that fight. It ain't gonna happen. No (expletive) way is that fight going to happen. Those guys will never fight in the UFC - ever." - Dana White

When asked how and why the Spike TV press release was issued, Dana white responded:

"Mistakes happen. I didn't find out about it until yesterday. We make mistakes over here ... it's unfortunate."

Check out the rest of the sorted story over at Brawl Sports

Mistakes do happen... indeed!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Koscheck MySpace Bulletin Hoax?

I don't believe that Josh Koscheck wrote the bulletin that was published from Koscheck's MySpace page... not one bit. I don't believe he had any involvement... not one bit of it.

This coming from someone who is not a fan of a fighter who doesn't bring the fight and that fighter is Koscheck. Sure, I think he's a tool but come on, he's not so much of a tool to mistake UFC 71 for UFC 72??? Is he? No way!

Koscheck went to University and by definition has some higher education than most. UFC fighters know that there is a PPV percentage and additional bonuses (for knockouts and fight of the night, submission of the night, et al) dolled out to top fighters in UFC PPV events... even Rampage Jackson knows where the "Cheddah" is at so to assume that Koscheck posted this piece of drivel that could potentially damage his future with the UFC forever is absolutely preposterous.

Again, I'm not a Koscheck fan however, I feel the need to defend the guy after all, he did have a recent cameo on the TV series "Wife Swap" where he was training in some dude's garage. Please don't ask me how I know that... yes, I saw it and I'm searching for the video evidence ;)

Please give the Chia-Pet Head a break until he surfaces to confirm or deny the Bulletin on his MySpace account. If he does admit to posting that Bulletin then he will forever be banned to the "Tool Shed" with Hall of Famer Tool, Tito Ortiz.

If it was Josh, he better unionize the fighters quick 'cause his upcoming fight against GSP at UFC 74 on August 25 will be his last in the UFC. The word "unionize" in a privately owned company is a very, very dirty word to use especially from an up and coming fighter like Koscheck who will see his chunk of real Cheddar in the not so distant future.

"Don't be fooled again!" - The Who

Here's the alleged Koscheck MySpace Bulletin in its entirety:

“UFC and boxing ppv dollars?
UFC Prez Dana White is always quick to pull out the “boxing promoters are crooked” line during his frequent discussions about boxing. I would argue that the UFC Czar is just as crooked.

Why did Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson only make about $500,000 for their recent UFC 72 showdown. UFC 72 did about 1 million pay per view buys at $40 a pop, Zuffa made 40 million alone in ppv dollars. Not to mention the live gate, over seas viewing rights, and sponsors that ponied up money for this fight. Why do UFC fighters get such a small piece of the pie in a sport that’s supposedly on the upswing? With the rise in of popularity of the UFC why aren’t their fighters paid MUCH more.

I’m not saying there aren’t boxing promoters that don’t short change their fighters, but boxers can make alot more money over a career than a UFC fighter can. Shannon Briggs was paid 1.8 million for his meaningless title defense against Sultan Ibragimov last weekend. GO ahead UFC fans, defend your boy Dana White.

Additional Details

Nice try, as demand for the sport builds up so should the fighters salaries. I’m not buying that one. Zuffa is keeping as much as they can of the 100 million they made for UFC 72. They should be ashamed paying two of their top fighters $500,000.

Best answer

White and the UFC basically want to pay the fighters like a third rate sport but at the same time want to claim to be a legitimate sport. The average UFC fighter doesn’t even make a middle class living it is ridiculous. Even the elite MMA fighters are way behind other professional sports.

White wants to say that Mayweather wouldn’t make it in the UFC and he is right Mayweather wouldn’t step in the UFC ring for the peanuts they pay. Why would he take about 1/20th of his normal pay?

UFC fans are in serious denial about this issues. They will say things like well athletes shouldn’t make that kind of money. Well somebody is making it so why should it all go to the promoters? Or they will say that it takes time but again the revenues MMA is generating is huge so it is a matter of changing the structure not time.

UFC fighters need some kind of union to make a larger share of the pie since it is the fighter that literally rolls the dice with his future health and even his life not the promoters.”

What say you?