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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Let's Get it On" Big John, Gone?

Say it ain't so that the one they call 'Big' John McCarthy is set to call a press conference for this Friday to announce his retirement from the UFC as a referee according to the rumour first posted by

McCarthy started as a referee in the UFC at UFC 2 and of the 100 total events the UFC has held, McCarthy ref'd 98 of them. Impressive.

No word on what he's thinking about doing post-UFC but you can guess that he'll stay close to his friend Randy Couture as both will skip and dance while holding hands in their MMA afterlife.

This is a lower blow than Jenna Jameson could achieve on Tito or the thousands of other dudes she's blown or even Kongo on Cro Cop or GSP on Hughes' little nads and to the fans and the fighters who have embraced Big John as their own.

Big John McCarthy is/was a true icon of "Ultimate Fighting".

Fuck, now we'll see more of Herb Dean's brand of MMA.

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