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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why admire Rashad?

In one sentence: A high IQ, high skilled fighter, that analyzes each situation with no preconceptions and doesn't offer canned responses in an interview. A rarity, to say the least. This interview is awesome! It takes me into the mind of a KO'd fighter after a loss. He walks you through the experience like a mother teaching a newborn. Obviously, Rashad has never been close to being KO'd before Machida.
I can feel his pain about being kept awake by a fight. One night a guy cheesed me on UFC 09 by applying and releasing submission moves from the half guard, 10 times in a row till my stamina was drained. Once my stamina was down, he committed to the finishing submission. That night I only got 5 hours sleep. The last three I was wondering how the fuck he did that. I should have just got up, fired up the game, figured out the cheat and gone back to sleep. He's on my "Avoid" list now, oh well.