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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fedor VS Hong Man Choi

Choi is one big dood. Good luck to Fedor on New Year's eve.

FEDOR EMELIANENKO Q: What is your impression of Choi? FE: He's big.

Q: Do you think your punches would reach his face given his height?
FE: I'll have to get in the ring to know that.

Q: Do you have any plans on changing your strategy due to his size? FE: No. I'm going to fight like I trained for in Russia.

Q: Is he bigger than you had expected? FE: He's as big as I had imagined; He wasn't bigger than I'd expected. He smiled at me but I know he'll do his best to beat me once he gets in the ring.

Q: Do you expect any problems with the height disadvantage? FE: No, I don't expect any problems.

Qo you think you will be able to take him down? FE: I won't know without actually fighting him. I might keep the fight standing and make it a striking bout.

Q: What is your impression of K-1 and Yarennoka's collaboration for this event? FE: I've fought fighters who fought in K-1 like Semmy Schilt and Gary Goodridge so I don't feel any different about it.

Q: K-1 Dynamite, Yarennoka, and UFC are all held on December 31. Do you think you are the main attraction for this day? FE: I hope so. I trained to be the main fighter, and I want to give a good showing that would make the fans happy.


  1. I would shit my pants if I ever had to face either guy.

    You can see that Fedor is sizing up those long arms.

    Fedor by armbar before the start of the fight is my prediction.

  2. Soo sad. This is a waste of talent and trash mma IMO.
    You have to watch it like a train wreck though.

  3. How can a guy that is ranked #1 in the world be fighting a guy with virtually no MMA experience? It's a fucking joke.

  4. Sometimes I think the Japanese fans care more about characters than anything. How many Pride fighters had stupid schtiks or masks or whatever? This is a circus sideshow. When you look at these pictures if you knew nothing about MMA you would think look at the size of that guy, hows that balding little russian going to beat him? It's all very Martial Arts moviesque.
    Let's see Fedor's already beat Antonio the Minotaur, now he's fight Hong the Giant maybe next he'll fight the Hydra or the Medusa.

  5. No knee strikes allowed in Fedor vs. Choi
    By on December 27, 2007

    The "Yarennoka! New Year's Eve 2007" main event featuring Fedor Emelianenko (26-11) vs. Hong-Man Choi (1-0) will not include any knee strikes.

    The rule difference is due to the weight discrepancy between the two participants. Fedor weighs in around 225 pounds while Choi, standing at 7-feet-2-inches, has weighed in around 352-367 pounds.

    Soccer kicks and stomps are not allowed in any of the bouts, but knee strikes will be permitted in all fights except for Fedor vs. Choi.

    The round structure will be the same for all fights: The first round will last ten minutes and the second round will last 5 minutes with a 90 second break in between rounds. Fights will go to the judges' scorecards after the second round.


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