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Friday, December 21, 2007

For the Love of MMA - Mainstream Media vs. Blogs

I was just blown away by Luke Thomas' recent post over at

I haven't read a decent passion filled MMA piece in a while so I have to tip my hat and bow to the literary genius that had me glued to every word on my monitor which ultimately made me feel pissed off that there wasn't more to read. When was the last time you ever said that about an article?

Funny though, I can't say that I've had the same experience when reading MMA pieces from Yahoo! or CBS Sports or NBC or some other well known MMA vanilla sites. Maybe it was the content that spoke to me that was so close to what I've been doing here on MMA Fever or maybe it's because I too am a fan of MMA and just need an outlet like this to share my MMA world with everyone... for the love of MMA.

Regardless, what is true is that there is a monumental difference between the reporting of today's MMA in the mainstream media than there is in the blogosphere like this one and like Luke's Bloody Elbow and many others that are sprouting up.

That difference can only be measured by the passion that jumps out at you from the words used by the MMA writer and I have to say as one who tends to go off quite a bit that, that's what makes Blog's rule the mainstream media coverage of mixed martial arts.

The difference is "MMA Fever"... some write for the love of MMA and others write about it from a distanced, almost sterile point of view that makes reading about MMA boring which, it certainly is not if you have the passion!

Check out Luke's rebuttal to a shot that Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports took at all Blogs that cover mixed martial arts news and content... you may actually 'feel' something instead of being fed something you never wanted from MMA's mainstream media.

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