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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"I Want to Fuck Chuck"- Wanderlei Silva Video

Yes folks, you might have read a few of my references to Wandy wanting to fuck Chuck and wondered why I would say such a despicable thing well, I'm only stating what "The Axe Murder" wanted when Wanderlei Silva embarrassed Dana White even further by wearing a Pride FC T-shirt (before the Pride purchase happened) during a surprise announcement in the middle of UFC 61.

Sadly, the fight didn't happen between the two despite Chuck beating Babalu Sobral because Dream Stage Entertainment (former owners of Pride) couldn't come to terms with the UFC for what Dana White called, "The biggest fuckin' fight in MMA History".

Check out the video of the sexual proposition from Wanderlei Silva and also, the full write up from MMA Weekly about the intimate encounter.

So, will Chuck get fucked by Silva at UFC 79?


  1. I hope Wandy keeps his horny level in check for this fight.

  2. Hmmm...slow news day in MMA...

  3. Not only was it slow, it was DEAD.

    I thought I would hype up the fight between the two because not everyone in the MMA blogosphere are MMA savants like us and most likely would have appreciated the video clip of Wandy's slip of the lip.

    So, it's timely and relevant to the upcoming UFC 79 fight between Chuck Liddell & Wanderlei Silva.

    Mostly, it's for the fans and for me because I get a kick out hearing Wand say that... I must have replayed that clip 30 times yesterday just for shits and giggles, ya know! :)


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