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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kalib Starnes Comeback?

I was at UFC 83 and witnessed Kalib Starnes back peddling against Nate Quarry. In retrospect, Kalib Starnes was more active in his bout than Anderson Silva and Thales Leites and also, David "The Turtle" (formerly Crow) Loiseau were at UFC 97.

That was the fight (or lackthereof) which saw Kalib Starnes' UFC contract eliminated and so he was sent packing, similar to what happened to Vinny Magalhaes after his decision loss at UFC 97 to fellow TUF contestent, Elliot Marshall.

The good news is that the UFC is still interested in Starnes and hopes that he is able to rebound by picking up a few wins outside of the UFC before getting the nod from Joe Silva to fight on a future UFC card.

I enjoy Kalib's moxy and hope to see him back on top again because the UFC really needs a lot of help in the Middleweight division right now.

José "Juiced" Canseco to Face 7'2" Hong Man Choi

It was announced today that Jose Canseco at 44 years of age will make his mixed martial arts debut at Dream 9 against 7 foot 2 inch K-1 standout, Hong Man Choi as part of DREAM's Super Hulk Tournament on May 26 at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan.

First Round Super Hulk Grand Prix bouts:

Bob Sapp vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
Jan Nortje vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Hunt
Choi Hong-man vs. José Canseco

As Canseco has never been in a mixed martial arts fight before, his last attempt in a boxing ring last year during a celebrity boxing match didn't go so well for the Juiced whisle blower of Major League Baseball fame.

In May 2008, Vai Sikahema accepted a challenge from Canseco to fight him for $30,000. Canseco claims to have earned black belts in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai, while Sikahema fought in the Golden Gloves tournament won by Sugar Ray Leonard. The fight took place on July 12th in Atlantic City at the Bernie Robbins stadium. The 5'9" Sikahema knocked out the 6'4" Canseco in the first round.

On January 24, 2009, Canseco fought radio personality and former child actor Danny Bonaduce in Aston Township, Pennsylvania; the three-round match ended in a majority draw against the 40-something red-headed partridge family stepchild.

To get a feel for the sheer size of the HULK, here's a clip of Hong Man Choi fighting against The Last Emperor, Fedor Emilianenko on December 31, 2007:

Let's just say that Jose Canseco is no Fedor and never, ever will be.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MMA Connected

MMA Connected is a new weekly MMA show with host "Showdown" Joe Ferraro.

This show is superb and I will be sure to keep all future episodes posted right here on MMA Fever!

Enjoy :)

Anderson Silva Wants Fedor!

Here is a quote from Yahoo Sports on Anderson Silva's request to fight Fedor Emelianenko:

White said that Silva also expressed an interest in fighting heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, who is under contract with Affliction. White has made several attempts to sign Emelianenko, none successful.

Soares confirmed that Silva would like a fight with Emelianenko and said that size wouldn’t be an issue. Silva walks around between fights at 215 and Emelianenko fights around 230.

“We’d come in at about 220 if we ever got that fight,” Soares said. “Anderson thinks that would be a great fight for him. He didn’t say he expected to blow him out, but he thinks he can give him a very good fight.”

But long before he considers fighting Emelianenko, he has to worry about a match with Griffin.

Dana White has flip-flopped in the past with his stance on co-promotions however, with MMA organizations dropping like flies these days, the time is right to strike when the iron is Dana White hot.

It appears that Dana is luke warm at the moment to the idea following the UFC 97 embarrassment and is setting the stage after the Spider bites Griffin at UFC 101 for this historical MMA event.

Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites Recap Video

Anderson Silva and Thales Leites at their finest in the main event at UFC 97 *cough* Redemption.

They'll need to do a lot more to redeem themselves after this bitch fest.

Sweet ass Pimp hat and cane sported by the Spider... no wonder Thales wouldn't fight back in the 25 minute sleeper event of the century.

Now Anderson will face the "face" of The UFC and former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion, Forrest Griffin @ UFC 101 in Philadelphia on August 8th to redeem himself with MMA fans.

All I can say about that is, "Run Forrest, Run!!!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wandy Nuthuggers Reunion at MMA Fever

Even the most critical pundits and fanatics of MMA say that the fans are fickle to the bone when it comes to the "flavour of the moment" mixed martial arts fighter. For the most part, that is true yet there are some fighters that are considered cult-like entities that no writer dare speak of candidly and openly in public without suffering severe scorn from their fanatics... well, except for one. Me.

One of those cult-like fighters is Wanderlei Silva who has amassed an incredible fan base over the years due to his reckless and transparent style of fighting that hasn't evolved since his early Vale Tudo days in Brazil, back before many of these Wandy Nuthuggers got laid for the first time.

I caught the usual predictable heat from Wanderlei Silva love drones recently when I gave Wandy the dubious distinction of being MMA Fever's Tool of the Day.

Wanderlei Silva hasn't been the same since Mirko CroCop kicked the tattoo off the backside of his head with a left high kick KTFO at Pride - Final Conflict Absolute in September of 2006.

Well nuthuggers, we are in the year 2009 now and your defence of the once "Killer of the Cans" (notwithstanding Rampage Jackson) in Pride has himself become the UFC's most famous Can since Tito Ortiz was unceremoniously booted from his UFC contract last year.

It is important to note that Tito Ortiz has a win over Wanderlei Silva back in April of 2000 at UFC 25 in Japan no less.

Most of the homo-erotic love 'cums' from keyboard warriors over at Sherdog yet none of them know anything about the man touting himself as The Can Murderer.

I haven't seen a thread mentioning Wands destruction of Kazuyuki Fujita; Kazuhiro Nakamura; Hidehiko Yoshida; Yuki Kondo; Ikuhisa Minowa; Hiromitsu Kanehara; Tatsuya Iwasaki; Kiyoshi Tamura; and the list of cans goes on and on and on.....

Wanderlei Silva's most notable recent fights against REAL COMPETITION:

LOSS to Quinton Rampage Jackson - KO - Round 1
LOSS to Chuck Liddell - Unanimous Decision
LOSS to Dan Henderson - KO - Round 3
LOSS to Mirko CroCop - KO - Round 1

Sure, Wanderlei got lucky with a KO against Keith Jardine before Wand got KTFO'd against Rampage however, Houston Alexander also annihilated Jardine yet Alexander isn't spoken of with the same homo-erotic love as Wand's nuthugging fans give him.

In words that Sherdoggers can understand, Wanderlei Silva is a gatekeeper fighter who is struggling in the twilight of his MMA career similar to the fate realized by Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, Tim Silvia, Chuck Liddell and the infamous, Tito Ortiz.

Wand has become a human meat-bag with a soft mellon that has no skills aside from flailing his punches in bunches in the hope and prayer that one will connect against his opponent for the KO.

Sad that the Wandy Nuthugging crew isn't sophisticated enough to see through the hype that DreamStage Entertainment built up for this betting man's patsy in Japan.

Like I said before, he's done... so staring lovingly at his poster beside your bed isn't gonna bring the can crusher back to life 'cause the UFC isn't gonna feed him cans like Pride FC did.

If Dana White can drop Chuck Liddell so easily, don't you think Wanderlei Silva is next after he loses his next fight, which, is inevitable?

Wandy Dropping to 185 is such a Randy Couture move to NOT EARN an instant title fight except this time, the modern Silva (Anderson) will retire the tired Yakuza pawn for good which, is exactly what the sport needs to do and that is to remove tired fighters from their rosters for the benefit of the growth and EVOLUTION of the sport of global Mixed Martial Arts.

Get over it Wandy Nuthuggers and move on to Shogun Rua before you get called out as a transparent bandwagon fan like you know you really are.

R.I.P. Pride FC 1997 - 2007... you made Vince McMahon and "Sports Entertainment" proud.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This MMA Video Scared the Shit Outta Me!

Props to Kyle Maynard for realizing his dream.

I'm gonna have nightmares for sure.

Reminds me of that freaky X-Files episode ("Home" Season 4) with the old woman under the bed.

How do you fight someone with no arms and no legs?

Tool of the Day - Wanderlei Silva

It's been a while since MMA Fever has donned its shamed "Tool of the Day" on a mixed martial arts fighter since Tito Ortiz decided to quit fighting and live out his days inside of Jenna Jameson's mammoth vagina.

Well, it's time to bestow the infamous honor of the Tool of the Day to a serious cuntnugget, Wanderlei Silva.

You all remember when I said Wanderlei is done in the UFC, right? Well, he still is and now he's proven to be a massive Tool by taking shots at Anderson Silva's performance at UFC 97 againt Thales "LayDown" Leites.

Hmmm.... is it a coincidence that Wanderlei is toying with dropping to 185 from 205 or is he simply the most OVER-HYPED fighter the Yakuza has proudly stabled in Japan up to 2007.

Anderson Silva would crush Wanderlei's soft noggin in the first round.

Wanderlei, you are MMA Fever's TOOL of the DAY!

Anderson Silva 'Splainin' UFC 97 Debacle on Inside MMA

I attended UFC 97 (Section 214, Row C, Seat 3) and had a perfect view of what I consider one of the top 3 worst UFC events in recent history however, I'm not bitter about the performance of Anderson Silva.

Anderson came out to fight yet nobody seemed to let Thales Leites in on the fact that he too was supposed to fight. Sure, Anderson did let up on his fellow Brazilian countryman a couple-few too many times yet Leites was to blame for the Main event debacle at UFC 97.

Whenever Leites saw the Spider come close to him, he would fall on his back and spread his legs like a drunken high school cheerleader. Clearly, this was Thales Leites way of avoiding punishment in the cage while failing in an epic fashion to bait the Spider multiple times into his own web which, Anderson would have none of it.

Note to everyone: You are not technically in guard unless someone is ACTUALLY in your guard.

Anderson Silva is the Middleweight UFC Champion (Period). He has the right to bring the fight to the opponent or let the fight come to him. Unfortunately for those people who, like myself, paid $750 to watch the fight, Neither fight scenarios happened.

At one point in the fight, Anderson seemed bored with Leites thus utilizing the embarrassing act of salsa dancing and showboating to seemingly get Leites motivated to fight yet still, nothing happened to spark any action.

The UFC 97 main card was an epic disappointment that left the fans with a bitter tatse in their mouth when the anticipated hope of a legendary knockout or submission ended in a 5-round unanimous decision in favor of Anderson Silva over the battle frighted, shell shocked Leites.

From my vantage point, I could see Georges St.Pierre at octagon side gritting his teeth looking very anxious in his pin-striped suit open collared shirt trying to hold himself back from hoping the fence to kick the ever living shit out of both fighters in his expensive leather Italian shoes. The fans certainly wished that he did just that in the middle of this snooze fest of a fight.

I admit that I booed and also proudly chanted "GSP" along with the 21,000 bored silly fans when the fight reached a coroner's office fever pitch because we all know that Anderson would have a real fight on his hands if/when GSP faces the Spider.

Unlike last year at UFC 83, UFC 97 fans walked out of the Bell Centre dazed, confused, eerily quiet, with a zombie-like orderly walk which can only be compared to sheep marching their way into a slaughter house. Sad atmosphere for such a world renowned party town as Montreal, Quebec.

Even the combined Anderson Silva/Chick Liddell UFC97 After Party at Metropolis on St. Catherine seemed dower:

Although the main card didn't deliver on the pre-fight hype and historical pattern of destruction by Anderson Silva, I don't blame Anderson for the biggest embarrassment in recent UFC History after all, he did win the fight.

Here is a clip of Dana White candidly expressing his disappointment of Anderson Silva at UFC 97

It is true that anything (& nothing) can happen in a fight...

UFC is coming to Toronto next year and I predict Anderson Silva will face Georges St.Pierre in a superfight, just the way Anderson wants it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby killer dance off

Get it? She kills babies with abortions and alcohol, he kills with monster truck madness.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Fightlinker April fools masterpiece

So much goodness in one JPG.
Added to archives...

Transforming to Soft-core porn

Might as well of had Bill Clinton's erection conducting the interview.
I watched the whole interview and can't remember one idea/quote/language involved.
Are my speakers broken? I don't recall sound.