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Monday, December 17, 2007

Couture Prick Interview Video Found!

Well, it's not called "Couture Prick Interview Video" however, like I promised, as soon as I got my fingertips on the video of Couture acting like a prick (Click on this link and not the picture beside), I would post it. So Fever fans, here you go and please do not hesitate to comment... the more the merrier and that means you too Couture :P

FYI - Let the video sequence run through playlist 1 then it will continue on to playlist 2 and so on until the CNBC documentary, "Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time" has finished. Where the edits happened was where they inserted commercials except in this case, there are no freakin' commercials.

Oh yeah, the Couture Prick Interview starts at 10:30 into the streaming video.

If you missed my brief but to the point commentary about the actions of the so-called UFC Heavyweight Champion then check this out and also check for future show times near the bottom of the literary passion piece if you choose to record it from TV for future amusement.

So, was I too hard on the Beave? Let me know in the comments below....


  1. If the UFC is smart, they will tie up Randy "The Diva" Couture in lawsuits if he tries to skip out without fulfilling his four fight contract. He declined the Big Nog fight and therefore, he is RETIRED (not resigned.) Try and fight elsewhere, Randy but call Larry H Parker first. He'll fight for YOU!

  2. Can you please explain (once more) why you hate couture so much? Even in that video where you say he's a prick he just seems more upset than anything.


  3. Sure eugene, you see, Couture knew that CNBC was coming to Xtreme Couture fitness facility to interview him on the rise of popularity of "Ultimate Fighting".

    As the current UFC Heavyweight Champion and also the source of much controversy about the management of the UFC, Couture did not present himself in a respectful manner when answering the questions of the reporter (that he approved to interview him).

    That makes him a prick when someone takes the time to meet him and Randy Couture doesn't seem interested at all in the interview or even respect the man asking the questions.

    That makes anyone a prick.

    Case in point, if I didn't respond to your question, that would make me a prick so the moral of this story is to act anything other than Couture and you'll be just fine instead of sulking next to a cage somewhere, not making eye contact with the interviewer while wondering if you're ever gonna fight again because you walked out on your UFC contract and your fans but most of all, the fans of the UFC.

  4. You have a deep-seated, irrational hatred for the man. I think its because you were so wrong in predicting him to be destroyed by GG.

    Ever since then, half of the posts I read on this blog are about how much Randy sucks. I'm really sick of hearing how much you hate Randy Couture. This blog used to be a decent source for MMA news, but no longer. I'm sure you don't give a shit, but I won't be reading you anymore.

  5. keep in mind though, that could have been edited (probably was). i'm sure he's not that disrespectful. every fighter has only nice things to say about him and his level of classiness and respect.

    in terms of the whole dana white thing though.. can you really blame him for anything? he's old as hell and he cant keep beating young guys. he needs to fight fedor, its the only sensible option.

    in terms of you thinking he's a bitch about the money. i dont think its about that all. right now he's choosing to not to fight at all (and not make any money). so its a matter of principle really.

    maybe im missing something tho?


  6. Randy?

    I pretty much hate on anyone I choose for the moment. Randy has been prevalent because he makes himself a target quite often. Dana White, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes etc. all get the same treatment from me... among them, I am a Chuck Liddell fan which tells you that I can seperate myself from these fighters easily while looking at the situation objectively as is the case with this piece.

    See, nobody escapes my wrath!

    Going into it, I knew I'd piss off the Couture nuthuggers and for that I simply cannot apologize or be fickle like the rest of the Couture nuthuggers.

    Yes sir, I stated my position a long time ago and isn't it refreshing how I didn't flip-flop in my viewpoints unlike the vanilla MMA places that you frequent who say everything is great all of the time?

    People are people which makes people's behaviour's (MMA fighters, writers and fans) so interesting from a storyline point of view instead of reading drivel about who could be on the next UFC 89, 90, 91, 210, 2001 etc. or will Randy return to the UFC.

    I'll see you again very soon anonymous one... you're not the only one out there who loves to hate and the fact that I touched on an emotional side (which 98% of sites fail to do everyday) of you let's me know that I should keep on doing what I do best and you'll surely be around often to watch the fallout and post like a little anonymous bitch again :)

    You're so fuckin' predictable "quitting" this site just like your prick hero who quits the UFC.


    Do something original for a change and maybe make a start by opening up your mind to what is going on by collecting ALL of the facts and you'll soon understand why Couture isn't the best role model for you or for the UFC.

    Now go back to class and listen to your teacher or watch some Nogueira videos to fully understand why Randy ducked that fight then come back to let me know how "The Doors of Perception" have opened for you, dear Mr.Huxley.

    Fuck, if you read this you might have actually learned some shit that your teachers have failed to do thus far with you.

  7. eugene, the previous post @ 4:42 was not intended for you but for some misguided individual.

    In regards to Randy not wanting to fight... it's quite the opposite. He wants to fight badly against Fedor Emelianenko.

    His behaviour is akin to a child who didn't get their way... Randy throws a tantrum (quits the UFC and the UFC Heavyweight Championship then slams the UFC in his own press conference) because Dana White couldn't sign Fedor or even arrange a fight between Fedor and Randy outside of the UFC.

  8. Nice find Greg! Bring back the original "The Can" Post, it was sooo funny, even if I didn't agree with it.

  9. Of course I would come back to see how you would respond. I was hoping your answer would provide some insight into the assinine stories you post on your sight, but alas, this is not the case. You should sit down for a second and actually think about this Couture/Nogueira situation...

    The UFC never meant for him to take it in the first place. They extended the fight with the intention that it would be rejected, so people like you would think, "Couture's a big pussy. The UFC doesn't need him." And it worked. That's exactly what you've been saying in all your "Couture is a can" posts.

    Couture simply wants to fight Fedor. Fighting Nogueira isn't going to get him any closer to that goal. If he takes the fight and wins, no one gives a shit. He beat a guy that got his ass rocked by Fedor twice already. So what? If he loses, then any chance he had of fighting Fedor goes out the window.

    Just because Couture doesn't bend to the whim of the UFC brass doesn't mean he's a prick or a pussy - he's simply trying to do what's best for his career. And what MMA fan out there doesn't want to see Couture vs. Emelianenko?

    I still don't understand why you blame Couture for all of this when the major holdup is the fault of Dana White and the UFC.

  10. Ladies, often I'll post for shock value. You know, take a side, spin the reader up into a frenzy then continue to prod at them over time because they can't get enough attention.

    In all seriousness, I am a Chuck Liddell fan and any Liddell fan doesn't respect the fighting style of Couture especially knowing that Couture's "Unfinished business" isn't with Fedor... it's with Chuck Liddell.

    Dana White isn't the hold up here.

    Follow me closely...

    **** Fedor Emelianenko is NOT contracted to fight in the UFC ****

    The Nogueira match with Couture is a logical fight for the UFC to set up because Big Nog is "arguably" the second best heavyweight next to Fedor so why would Randy turn that down?

    Why, because the iron is hot for Randy and instead of collecting a million dollar payday fighting Nogueira while risking losing his belt, Randy will hold out for the money he initially turned down when he was offered to fight Fedor in the BoDog Fight event.

    Fighting Couture after he lost his belt is anti-climactic don't you think?

    It's not about respect at all... it's about THE M-O-N-E-Y!

    I blame Couture for using the UFC and its fans then turning his back on the UFC and its fans when it suits him.

    He's supposed to be a "champion" and that kind of behaviour is conduct unbecoming of a Champion which is why Couture, in my most un-humble opinion is an over-rated 16-8 fighter who has had 14 title fights in his career... most of which were hand picked for him by who? -> Dana White and the Zuffa gang.

    The UFC doesn't owe Randy shit, Randy owes the UFC and its fans more than the even he knows for making him who he was.

    Honestly, it's honourable to believe in someone for a long time however, when the person shows their true colours after the hype balloon is deflated then you have to wake up a bit and look at things from the outside without an emotional viewpoint to see things for what they really are.

    1.Couture faxes his resignation while on set of The Scorpion King 3,4,5 or whatever the fuck number it is = No class

    2. Couture throws a press conference full of lies that are rebutted and validated with actual material evidence specific to randy getting paid very well by the UFC... locker room bonuses and all.

    3. Couture turns down his next CONTRACTED fight against Nogueira. that's right, Couture is still under contract with the UFC so he really doesn't have the right to turn anything down.

    Here is where I hope couture sees the light....

    Couture should look at the life of Ken Shamrock as the barometer to measure where he is being a prick who will eventually go bankrupt as Shamrock did once before Dana White pulled him out of collections hell.

    Couture isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree because he really didn't know what the UFC was paying him at all nor did he understand the contract that he signed before the Sylvia fight which is the same contract that he was walked away from.

    With that said, Couture really believes that he can wait it out until October when his contract expires (Leaving the UFC Heavyweight title in LIMBO.. thank you oh great one Couture!).

    Funny thing is that Zuffa could take him to court and drag this one out until Randy waves the surrender flag when he files Chapter 13 then begs Hollywood for bit roles like the one's he has been getting.

    I'm shocked that more people don't throw tomatoes at Randy for his piss poor behaviour as the UFC Heavyweight Champion which is why I try to give "The Other Side" of the propaganda ride that most people are on when it comes to this guy.

    If anyone out there is a Couture fan, pressure him to fight otherwise, tell him to shut the fuck up about fighting Fedor because Randy already had that chance once and turned it down.

    That's about it for everyone's hero but mine.

  11. Tim, that article post about Couture being a can is what put MMA Fever on the map.

    It's famous!

    I had to retire it becaue there were too many drunken bandwagon jumpers riding the hate train in anonymous town.

    Isn't it funny that I've only had one person call me out for my Randy posts?

    Where are all the other Couture fan mofo's now>?

    Fuck man, I thought GG had him until Couture bodyslammed him in the 3rd round with GG's knee smadhing his own nose.

    Just the same, GG isn't and wasn't a so-called top 10 Heavyweight when he fought "The Can" either :)

  12. I'm a Couture fan, but I'll admit that his recent behaviour has me less than impressed. The interview here notwithstanding, the whole press conference mess really surprised me. Especially after the UFC presented hard evidence that Randy was full of shit. No appology, no nothing from the man.

    I still think that someone has been pulling his strings though, whether it be an agent or his wife. I read some of the stuff she posted on the Xtreme Couture blog before it was deleted and I really have no idea as to why she piped up in the first place. She never signed the contract, Randy did so she should have kept her fucking mouth shut.

    I've never met Couture personally, but I do know a guy that is his age that recently married a nice little fuck muffin about a year ago. I was amazed at how having a bimbo with a tit job that is 15 years younger than the guy changed his attitude. I honestly believe that is what happened with Randy.

    But this subject is old and beat, just like Shammy. Randy isn't coming back. Time to move forward!


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