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Friday, December 7, 2007

"The UFC has yet to comment"

"The UFC has yet to comment and when asked about the situation late today, the UFC confirmed that Sherk remains the promotion's 155-lb. titleholder."

What the fuck does that mean?

Is it a contradictory sentence or is Sievert trying to tell us without any confirmed sources mind you that "The UFC" confirmed later in the day when earlier in the day "The UFC" had yet to comment.

Who the fuck is this person Sievert calls "The UFC"?

Sounds like a reporter's troll job to me given the fact that there aren't any "confirmed sources" that one could address a Christmas card to or even a nice little letter outlining their disgust with "The UFC's" decision to reward their Champion, Sean Sherk for cheating in the world of professional sports.

Sad really on many levels... I'll choose to wait for Dana White to personally sack up to this alleged boneheaded decision IF it's true which means that I am actually giving Dana White the benefit of the doubt over Sievert's piece for now.

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