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Sunday, January 13, 2008

WCO Show Canceled

Just hours before the event began, CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia forced its cancellation due to funding issues that could have left the night’s fighters unpaid. According to a report from, WCO officials missed two deadlines the CSAC had set to prove that the fighters’ pay was secured. Additionally, according to, “Several fighters indicated that they were approached to tear up their current contracts and sign new agreements that would pay them $100 for fighting on the event and then sign a separate agreement that would make up the difference between the $100 and their originally agreed upon purse in what would be dubbed an appearance fee to be paid at a later date.“
The card that featured many former pride and UfC fighters had apparently sold poorly with only 20% of tickets being purchased and had been plagued with problems which included a 5 hour weigh in and a reported car accident involving Joe Riggs. Tickets for the event are being refunded, of course ticketmaster will not be refunding their fees. Pissed of fighters and fans, goodbye WCO.


  1. ticketmaster, COCK SUCKERS!

  2. i figured out something, i think. but first, greg, do you hate shrek, you know the ogre?

  3. Are you thinking Couture reminds Greg of Shrek therefore his hatred for Randy is just a carry over of his hatred for Shrek?

  4. lol yes actually. well played sir.


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