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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Elite XC Signs entire Shamrock Family

Elite XC has announced the signing of both Ken Shamrock and his son Ryan. Leading to speculation that after his brother beats him to a pulp his son will have a go at him too. Seriously though after the bloodbrothersppv website was launched with a fight day countdown ending on Tues April 1 everyone started to realize they were being taken for a ride on this, then the fight date was changed to sometime in December and Ken was signed and suddenly this is being talked about seriously again. It's all hype folks.
You can catch father and son on Elite XC's March 8 card in England against as yet unnamed opponents. Ryan is 19 years old and 1-0 so far in MMA competition. He fights in the 135 pound division.
Uncle Frank will fight Cung Le in a five-round fight for the Strikeforce middleweight title, on March 29 in San Jose, Calif. in a joint Strikeforce Elite XC event.

1 comment:

  1. Who cares? Where are they going to compete outside of Elite XC or other B-rated MMA league? Frank is a total idiot and Ken is going to die in the cage one of these days. Both are completely washed up.

    I am curious to see Ryan fight though. Mind you if he is training with the Lion's Den, then I really don't expect much other than him being on the recieving end of some serious beatings.

    Fucking Shamrocks are like herpes. Just when you think the last outbreak has finally gone away, another puss filled sore appears two days later.


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