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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Matt Hughes: UFC 69 "I Love It" Explanation

I mentioned previously that Matt Hughes wrote a book about himself and now an excerpt has been leaked about a particular incident that pissed off many people that directly spoke to the character of God's chosen one, Matt Hughes.

Hmmmm... even after reading this excerpt, I still think Hughes was a dick for acting like a ringside pussy bitch with Sean Shroids.

Matt Hughes:

On April 7, 2007, I was in Houston, Texas for UFC 69. I was sitting in the front row by the production people. I wondered what it would be like to watch Georges St. Pierre become the first person other than Pat and me to defend the welterweight title.

The result of the match was a given, because the accomplished fighter was taking on the winner of a reality show. My buddy Steven was at my side, and we were talking about upcoming events.

I didn't expect the fight to be very exciting at all. Suddenly, I heard the crowd go nuts and then I looked into the cage.

Matt Serra threw a mean punch, and Georges started running around a little bit. 'He's hurt!' I thought immediately. 'Wait a minute. He can't be hurt. He's fighting Matt Serra. What happened in the last twenty seconds when I wasn't watching? He's hurt. He's hurt.'

Matt Serra hit him again and knocked Georges down. This wasn't supposed to happen. As soon as Matt clipped him, I got up out of my seat and ran five feet. I grabbed Dana on the shoulder and pulled him back.

He looked up at me, jaw wide open, completely dumbfounded at what was going on. It was like he had just come out of a lobotomy or something.

'That's my fight!' I said, calling dibs and pointing at Serra. 'That's my fight!' Dana didn’t know what was happening.

I went back to my seat and stood there and watched the rest of the match. Sean Sherk slapped me on the back and I turned around.

We looked at each other in complete shock. The fight was over. Matt Serra had beaten GSP. We couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, that Serra got that one lucky punch in and tagged Georges with it.
Cock knock to trash rag, The Sun in the U.K for the excerpt.


  1. Nothing more pathetic than watching two guys (Hughes and The Roid Shark) laughing at that loss after GSP had handed both of them their asses.

    More Misadventures of Hayseed And 'Roid Shark coming soon!

  2. wow, funny how he doesn't even bring up the "I love it" statement. friggen Hughes, he knows he cant explain that without looking like a dick.


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