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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How to Get Tickets for UFC 83 in Montreal

Well, I've been away in Montreal waiting in line (I'm the only one so I'm first!) for tickets at the Bell Centre box office for a few weeks now to get my hands on UFC 83 seats for April 19.

Unfortunately, I lost a testicle due to the recent sub zero weather which caused frost bite to the left nut that had to be removed for medical reasons. That's what the doctors who performed the surgery on me while I was in line said.

Gotta love Canadian Health Care...I'm OK and if having one nut is good enough for Lance Armstrong then it's good enough for me too.

Hey, who wouldn't give their left nut to go see UFC 83 in Montreal?

Well Bitches, I found out something that you'll all enjoy and it also means keeping your nuts in place too 'cause most don't have the balls to do what I did or the sheer absolute stupidity either.

How to get tickets for UFC 83 in Montreal:

Some people in the know are aware that UFC Fight Club members get first crack at Ticketmaster tickets then the newsletter subscribers then the general public. Here are some dates to keep in mind as they are rumoured dates...

Fight Club - February 3
Newsletter Subscribers - February 6
General Public - February 8

UFC Fight Club? What the Fuck?

Yep, the UFC has an online membership called UFC Fight Club which carries a few benefits worth noting since I have investigated this option to the endth degree in order to see the value in purchasing a membership.

The membership is $74.99/year

  • You get first crack at tickets when they go on sale (The site does not guarantee ticket availability)
  • Fight Club T-shirt
  • Members get to go to the fighter weigh-ins by getting seated first before the general public
  • First crack at autograph sessions with the fighters.
  • Chance to step into the Octagon with Dana White and a few fighters that are on the card as part of a tour.
  • Exclusive Fight Club party for members only where some UFC fighters drop in to have a drink and chat with you
  • The supposed limit is 8-10 tickets per member for pre-sale
  • Members can have one guest join them for the exclusive PPV event access (weigh-ins, autograph signing, Octagon tour, Fight Club Party)
  • 10% discount on all UFC merchandise purchased online
  • Exclusive video and archived footage
  • Some other shit too that really doesn't interest me

Here's a thread on Sherdog which gives you an array of opinions about the pros and cons of UFC Fight Club membership... read it.

Some people on the forum have said that the membership didn't offer them anything that the day of general public sale tickets offered in terms of premium seating. Either way, the chance to sit in the front rows for the weigh-ins as well, meet the fighters in an autograph session with the chance to step into the Octagon with Dana White and few fighters is in my opinion worth the $75 alone for the total UFC event experience so I'll be signing up and also offer my experience with that too.

So, my quest to go to my first UFC event hit a snag, I lost a ball but for the greater good, I have proven my dedication to the sport and also to GSP who will be victorious or else I'll sacrifice the other nut too by opening up the surgical cut on my bag thereby flinging my right testi with the perfect arc right into the centre of the Octagon, bouncing off of Dana White's bald head then coming to a rest motionless in the middle of the Harley Davidson symbol.

This is an historic event with the UFC debuting in Canada so I expect a sellout crowd as tickets will be snapped up rather fast.

There's also the eBay, 3rd Party ticket sites and of course, the scalper options too when searching for prized UFC 83 tickets but those will cost you quite a bit more Dinyero Thomas if you delay and go that route.

FYI - I'll be the only dude wearing an MMA Fever T-shirt without male camel-toe so watch out for me so we can have a few beers together when you buy me a few rounds!

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  1. Hail Ceaser. Were you locked up in a room with a stripper?


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