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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NSAC Medical Suspensions - UFC 79

Here's the NSAC "Do not pay this fighter until" list of medical suspensions from UFC 79. It's not at all bad except for the Australian, Soa Palelei who suffered a nasal fracture and a left orbital fracture who will be out indefinitely until June 27, 2008.

People bag on Eddie Sanchez for many reasons but I don't because that fucker has the ability to crush the face of a 6'4" 262Lb monster and collect a 50K bonus for doing it too. Look out for fast Eddie in 2008... hopefully he'll fight Gabriel Gonzaga.


  1. Suprised there is no report of an injury to Mohr.
    Other sites were reporting torn ACL.

  2. This fight sucked. Should have been "boring ass fight of the night."


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