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Monday, January 7, 2008

UFC 80: Why Can't I Get Interested?

There has been a lot of activity on the rumor mill this past weekend with some interesting fights being talked about. Then it struck me, we're less than two weeks away from UFC 80 and I'm more interested in these unsigned fights. Now I love to watch BJ Penn and as everyone wants to point out he was favored to win the title twice before and lost but I just can't buy it.
This fight reminds me of Sherk vs Florian, these guys are at two different levels right now in their careers so the fight just doesn't interest me the way Penn vs Sherk would (and I have serious doubts Penn will stick around the LW division long enough for that fight to happen even though there has been some trash talk between the two). Gonzaga vs Werdum, this could be the most interesting fight on the card. How will Gonzaga rebound from the Couture fight and Werdum from his loss to Arlovski? Fabricio has taken a lot of heat for the AA fight the same way Sylvia took all the flack for his third fight with Arlovski. I definitely don't think he was entirely responsible, so many fighters have looked bad in their first fight in the octagon we can hardly expect Werdum to be any different. Both guys have tremendous ground skills and have shown a willingness to stand and trade, Gonzaga has a previous loss (2003) to Fabricio so look for him to avenge and prove he deserves to remain in the title picture. As for the rest of the card, Marcus Davis (who has become a staple on the UK cards) vs Jess Liaudin, I don't think Liaudin is much of a test for him. Gouveia vs Lambert have both had some interesting wins and losses in the UFC this one could prove to be the sleeper of the night. Kendall vs Jorge, a tune up for Grove after his loss to Cote. Paul Taylor, who had a great fight with Davis and Sam Stout, who went to war with Spencer Fisher are both fighting relative unknowns in Paul Kelly and Per Eklund respectively. Finally Antoni Hardonk, who doesn't impress at all, fights Colin Robinson who is 0-1 in the UFC and would never be included in a card outside the UK while newcomer James Lee fights Alessio Sakara. I cannot understand why Sakara is still in the UFC, they just released Jordan Radev for losing to McFedries and Lister, two guys Sakara has lost to along with Houston Alexander (now I know everyone will say Jardine lost to Alexander as well but that was before most people knew anything about Houston and Jardine thought he had him hurt and rushed in while Sakara just looked scared shitless and tried to not get killed). So there it is less than two weeks to go someone please tell me why I'm wrong about this card so handing over my hard earned money doesn't hurt so much.


  1. riley,
    Like many, including me, you may have blown your load on UFC 79. UFC 80, too soon? Maybe.
    Having only 4 Ultimate fight nights a year, the TUF seasons to build fighter recognition and belt holder incidents doesn't aid in creating anticipated match ups.
    Ideally I'd like to see a couple of UFNs in between each event PPV.
    Penn's return to LW, Gonzaga and Marcus Davis interest me.

  2. In looking at the card there's some great fighters but the match ups just haven't gotten me very excited. Someone said they should combine 80 and 81 to make a good card. Is that the problem once a month PPV's are to much or are my expectations just to high? For sure any of these fights on a UFN would have me pumped, maybe I'm just a cheap prick?

  3. No question you're a cheap prick. I'm right there with you. I feel that some of these fights will be good, but when I just convinced friends to pony up money with me for UFC 79, I have trouble convincing them this will be the same value as 79. I may resort to lying.


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