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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now Brock's a Baby

Matt Hughes told the world in his recent autobiography that Big Tim Sylvia was always crying and that they weren't friends.

This obviously caught Tim by suprise because he later stated he considered Hughes one of his best friends, leaving everyone to wonder whether Matt was just being his usual lovable self or Tim just had so few friends even Matt's denial of friendship wasn't enough to knock him off Tim's buddies list.

Now in a recent interview on ESPN radio Tim has called WWE superstar and new UFC aquisition Brock Lesnar a "baby" who "doesn't like to get kicked and can't kick", leaving eveyone to wonder who the hell does like to get kicked.

At least Tim taking shots at Lesnar can be considered trash talking a possible future opponent where Matt talking shit well there is only one thing that can be considered.

Tim then went on to say that Mir would beat Lesnar which on paper seems to be the easy anwser, Lesnar's being seen as a one dimensional fighter who will have to take Mir to the ground thus leaving himself open for submissions, but without having seen much of Lesnar's new found skills in his first MMA fight and having seen Mir's last few fights I don't know that Sylvia's prediction based on one day of training with Brock should be taken as Gospel.

Say what you want about the UFC their matchmaking is usually solid and the odds makers who are more often than not fairly conservative have Lesnar as the favourite going in, Mir has not been the same fighter who broke Sylvia's arm since his return to the UFC.

Speaking of Hughes he recently stated on his website that he has already talked to Dana about a match with Serra if GSP can beat him in what may be an April title match between the two in Montreal (road trip here I come).

This will come as a suprise to nobody, even with the loss to St.Pierre there is interest in this fight because of all the bad blood between the two Matts and all the time we invested in this fight watching TUF.

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