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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Sandman Sandbagged

At the UFC 79 preliminary fight, James "The Sandman" Irvin received an illegal knee to the noggin when Irvin was grounded resulting in a disqualification to Luiz Cane because James Irvin could not continue the fight according to the octagon side doctors as well as referee, Mustache Mazzagatti. Irvin has been medically suspended until 02/28/08.

What's interesting is not the knee to the grounded opponent but rather, the fact that Mike Goldberg thought that Irvin was poked in the eye. I know the cage doesn't offer the best vantage points at certain angles because of the chain linked fence but come on, these guys have monitors to watch exactly what we're watching and to miss something like that is well... classic Goldberg for ya!!!

Check here for more UFC 79 video goodness.


  1. He's been hanging around Joe Rogan too much.

  2. Can we just make knees/kicks to the head of a downed opponent legal already?!! If such tactics were legal, Irvin would have defended himself against it and this shit wouldn't happen to begin with!

  3. Joe Rogan: What happened? What happened? What happened?


  4. It'll be a good day when that diarrhea-mouth Goldberg retires. He's been spewing nonsense for years. Every event, Rogan should choke him out after the first fight of the night and spare us his MMA ignorance.


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