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Friday, January 4, 2008


What's an EMO? Well, check out Urban Dictionary to find out along with what a Rusty Trombone is or a Donkey Punch, or even a Cincinatti Bowtie and my personal favorite, the Angry Dragon.

This is a MuchMusic reality series about some Goth-punk ass loser named Robin Black who wants to be a fuckin' fighter. Apparently, he holds a blackbelt in Taekwondo according to the reliable Wikipedia source about him.

I will not be covering any more of this bullshit about Robin Black because quite frankly, it's pure bullshit that he is exploiting MMA to promote his EMO music bullshit especially on a national program similar to MTV in Canada. Sad, really sad.

It's fun to watch GSP roll though... makes you wonder how you'd do against the Champ!


  1. wow hehe looks like robin black was giving it his all. i mean comon, did he think he stood a chance?

  2. i'd fight or roll with robin black anyday, the guy should stick to what most emo punks do, crying in the dark and fighting the ever closing razorblade. he wouldnt stand a chance against anyone with any muscle or skill, gsp probably had fun but knows how much time robin is wasting. but still, if you can make money and people will watch you, go ahead, just dont call yourself a cage fighter, fag.

  3. He must be good, afterall he is weearing Tapout shorts AND a shirt


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