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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Frank Dux is a Fag!

I used to like the movie Bloodsport a lot then I caught wind of this over at MMAMania and Jean-Claude Van Damme proves to us that you know when your admiration for a fighter has gone too far when...

Anyway, I apologize to any fags out there that found my post to be offensive as well as the Couture fans too because you have a right to be who you are without judgement.

Here's VD, in his very first movie role playing a gay Karate fighter in the 1984 movie, "Monaco Forever".


  1. This sends shivers down my spine everytime I see it. Now I know why Van Damme made that movie where he was in prison. Nas T. The head tilt with the little wink at the end is the best part. Is that Fedor's wife beside him (can't turn your back on Van Damme for a second when your husband is around)

  2. VD, as I like to call him is good to go with just about anything that moves. Never turn yer back on that guy... NEVER!

  3. Where is the video of this?

  4. Funny story: When Van Damme was in Portland a few years back, he came on to a waitress friend of mine -- in front of his wife. He asked her if she would be interested in a 3-some. Funny thing is, she wasn't that good looking.


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