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Friday, January 4, 2008

Serra Ready fo April

Matt Serra says he should be ready to fight GSP in April.

"The 33-year-old from Long Island, N.Y., has yet to resume full training from the two herniated discs in his lower back that forced him out of the recent UFC 79 grudge match against Matt Hughes in Las Vegas.

But he says April sounds doable, even if it means venturing into hostile territory north of the border.

"I'm definitely up for that," he told The Canadian Press in an interview.
Serra is back doing "everyday stuff" but is only now beginning to resume some form of training. That hasn't helped his weight, he acknowledged.

"You know me. I get chubby real quick," he said cheerfully, comparing himself to Robert De Niro's ballooning Jake La Motta in the film "Raging Bull."

As for fighting in Montreal, Serra looks to another boxing movie - "Rocky 4" - when Rocky Balboa flies to Russia to take on Ivan Drago.

"Same thing, but just put the little Italian guy in Canada. That's me. I like it, I like it, man."

"I take no offence at people in Canada yelling for me to die," he added."


  1. Wow, a month ago Serra was so injured he not only couldn't fight Hughes, but he couldn't even sow up at the TUF 6 Finale to watch both Team Hughes guys battle for the contract. Now, since Hughes is out of the picture following his second straight to GSP, Serra is now OK to train for a fight.

    If this isn't proof that Serra chickened out of fighting Hughes after realizing his mouth was writing checks his body can't cash, I don't know what is.

    Bye bye Matt Serra, your 15 minutes is almost up. Coward.

  2. hughes is past his prime. i don't see why matt serra would be scared. think about it... if you could fight gsp or hughes who would you prefer? I'm willing to admit that serra's 1st victory over gsp may have very well been a fluke however, you cannot argue that he didn't dominate one of the best strikers in the ufc in a stand up battle. Bottom line is we need to see more of serra before we can pass for hughes (who can't even put up a fight against gsp)...for a while, i think everyone's seen enough.


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