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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mac Danzig - "I am a Tool"

“Animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses don’t have a fighting chance,” says Danzig, who forced his opponent, Tommy Speer, into submission using a rear naked choke just two minutes and one second into the first round of the championship match last month. “I don’t eat animals because I don’t want to contribute to their suffering—it’s that simple. Do yourself a favor, do the planet a favor, and help end animal abuse. Go veg.” Danzig got his shot at the crown by prevailing over his competitors on Spike TV’s Ultimate Fighting Championship.


  1. Mac Danzig and vegetarians in general,


    Thank you.

  2. “Animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses don’t have a fighting chance,”

    But they taste so fuckin' good and why chase the motherfuckers around when you need some BBQ!

  3. Why talk shit about someone for his beliefs?? He is what he is, he can just happen to kick your ass too..

  4. we believe danzig is a tool, so don't shit on us for our beliefs.

    sigh, i am going to pick up some kentucky fried chicken.

  5. CaptainAmerica1967January 3, 2008 at 3:56 PM

    I don't push my belief, but offer that being a vegetarian reduces the risk of; cancer (less inflammatory prostaglandin producing fats); introduces less chemicals into your own body that were used on the animals like antibiotics causing your own body to be antibiotic resistant to many strains of bacteria including the MERSA being talked about now in the news, and growth hormone and other potential adverse immune factors; less heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure for the animal fats; less risk of getting bird flu from infected poultry; less risk of getting mercury and lead poisioning from fish; less risk of getting mad cow disease from infected beef.

    I'm a vegetarian too. Animals are trying to evolve just as we have and with today's technology it's easy to be a vegetarian and get your protein from shakes make in a lab without the inhumane raising and slaughtering of animals. Try to imagine humans being captured by an advanced life or extraterrestrial life and them raising us as farm animals for their consumption with inhumane raising and slaughtering.

    It's also healthier for one. I'm an athlete involved in body building, power lifting and MMA and I weigh 240lbs so don't think one has to thin, weak with a tooth pick body frame in being a vegetarian.

  6. I really enjoy coming here daily but first of all, if you're gonna disrespect him, at least get the man's name right.

    Also, I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs as long as it doesn't fuck my shit up. Factory farming throws a suicidal amount of methane (20x more powerful a greenhouse gas than CO2) into the atmosphere, making it a prime factor in global warming, which will make the human experiment a miserable one sooner rather than later.

    Athletes like Mac and Carl Lewis prove that you can live a healthy and very active lifestyle by not resorting to meat eating. We can't afford to live some naive, 'we're hunters!' nostalgia trip anymore. Stop being so fucking defensive, lets get educated about the consequences and try not to take a giant crap on the next few generations.

  7. dola, matt's name has been corrected for you. i had no idea you veggie eaters were so senstive. mac is still a tool.

  8. Oh shit, I've read some really intelligent retorts in my day but I can't stop laughing at this one:

    "Animals are trying to evolve just as we have..."

    Thanks CaptainAmerica1967, for making this day a very special one for me and the rest of the furry fuckers who devote their lives to the Bic Mac combo every day.

    Just awesome, keep 'em coming!

  9. For the record if anyone is keeping one, Balzie loves PETA because he wants to slaughter Pamela Anderson with his Brock Lesnar cock-sword.

  10. Cool Balz, thank you. It's hard not to be sensitive to this because the stakes are so friggin high and it's ignorant people rolling the dice for life on the planet.

    Greg, Captain might not be an evolutionary biologist but he's correct on the other points which you chose not to address. This isn't a personal attack, these are just things to think about. I guess some people laugh when they get nervous. Others are just callous assholes.

    Keep up the good work boys i love the site!

  11. CaptainAmerica1967January 3, 2008 at 7:01 PM

    Right, I'm not an evolutionary biologist, but I do save individuals life's as a holistic health consultant when patients come to me after their current physician has no answers for them and tells them they are going to die and I change everything from their diets to medications to nutritional supplements and more.

    Mr. Clark, look me up if you should be in need of another expert medical opinion if for some reason you are struck with an incurable medical disease for which your current physician has no answers.

  12. May be the animals should evolve to not be so delicious, just kidding. Seriously animal fats despite the bad rap are not bad for you at all, its the trans fats and polyunsaturated fats that contain free radicals when subject to heat. The fat in artery clogs when evaluated contains only 26% saturated fat the rest is unsaturated with half being polyunsaturated. The average plant crop receives 10 applications of pesticide while cows generally graze on pasture that is unsprayed. Afaltoxin, a fungus that grows on grains, is one of the most powerful carcinogens known. If you choose to be a vegetarian because of health there is lots of evidence to disprove the perceived benefits, if you choose to be a veggie based on your beliefs then does it really matter if it's healthy or not ? I can respect anyones beliefs but I can't stand the misinformation stated as fact to support peoples positions.

  13. CaptainAmerica1967January 3, 2008 at 7:25 PM

    You are correct in the trans fats and especially the hydrogenated oils or partial hydrogenated oils which produce intmia scaring from free radicals, but all fats including those from plants increase the risk of cancer.

    However, the inflammatory prostaglandin produced from animal fats source increases ones risk for cardiovascular disease as well promote more inflamatory pain in arthritis and contribute to chronic degenerative diseases unlike plant fats, but you have to consider pesticide and choose your produce carefully.

    Heart disease is much more than fat deposits too and there are factors such as homocysteine blood levels, C reactive protein, genetic factors and so on.

  14. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, though in actuality we probably agree on alot more than we disagree on (I do regularly fast from meat and use a naturopath instead of a doctor, which I might add I have to pay for in this wonderful country of free health care). I just don't believe protein from supplements created in a lab where the protein isolates are obtained by a high temperature process that over-denatures to the extent they become useless while increasing nitrates are better than a good piece of liver and don't get me started on that soy bullshit. Anyway this is supposed to be an MMA site so lets end with the fact Mac was hilarious on TUF can't wait to see how he fairs against some stiffer competition.

  15. Dola & Cap'n, I was having some fun. You should know that I enjoy pushing buttons for emotional reactions.

    I am fully aware of the benefits of veganism as well as vegetarianism and also organic beef production vs. chemically enhanced beef production.

    Realizing that what you eat is a choice, I decided to go the anti-Oprah way to defend the farmers who inject their Beef with Shroids shortly before walking them into a scene out of the movie Hostel.

    A well balanced diet is where it's at and I rarely eat red meat so I pound the shit out of the chickens as well as any road kill I come upon on my home to the country.

    It's just the 10-12 pounds of undigested red meat in my bowels that has me a bit concerned but then again, I'll call up Gabe Ruediger for pointers on a colonic to flush that shit out that has the ability to emit toxins within the body through the small intestine not to mention the increased chance of cancer and other IBS issues as a result of the undigested waste.

    I stroke my prostate everyday so I should be just fine. [/sarcasm]


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