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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Which recent MMA event was your favorite?

I placed this poll up on March 4 following the UFC 68 March 3rd event. At first I thought it was too soon to poll MMA Fever fans considering the fact that UFC 68 euphoria was still at very high levels however, I reconsidered and felt that it was the best time for the poll due in part to the Pride 33 event that wrapped up just a week prior.

Yeah, I know, so much thought placed into a simple poll but I just wanted to capture the MMA Fever most people were feeling at the height of the sickness and I think I was successful.

The poll results asked a very simple question: Which recent MMA event was your favorite?

With simple answers: UFC 68, Pride 33, UFC 67, UFN8, UFC 66

I have to admit that I was bit surprised by the results with Pride 33 winning by a landslide with 54% of the popular opinion votes. UFC 68 was a distant second at 38% of the votes and the others were negligible in comparison.

What does this mean? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Well, it means what you want the numbers to convey I suppose. I didn't want to impose my opinion during the time of the poll but I have to admit that Pride 33 offered the most exciting fights than any of the rest and that was my favorite recent MMA event. This of course has nothing to do with whether UFC or Pride FC are better than each other as both events followed the same unified MMA rules.

A simple conclusion to draw is that MMA Fever fans want to see exciting fight cards with lots of action AND... to see ALL of the fights on the fight card and not just 5 fights out of 9 that the UFC offers. Let's not forget about that!

Either way you voted or would have voted, this year has been a very exciting one so far and it looks like it will continue on with the same excitement and dare I say it... drama as the previous events.

If you're a fan of MMA like me then there really isn't a loser in the poll, it's a huge win for MMA and great for MMA fans and new MMA Fever fans alike.

If you missed the last two huge events in UFC 68 and Pride 33:

Check out the UFC 68 videos

Check out the Pride 33 videos

Ultimate Fight Night starts April 5 and UFC 69 starts April 7 then UFC 70 in the U.K. on April 21 for free on Spike TV!

Be sure to catch all of the MMA action right here!

P.S. Check out the latest poll about UFC 69 below and cast your vote...


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