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Monday, March 19, 2007

Bisping Talks Tough to Trolls

I was doing my rounds today and I stumbled upon a simple post titled, "Bisping" at Sherdog Forums. The thread starter noticed that Michael Bisping was online on the forum and wanted to say hello to The Count in a new thread to catch his attention.

"Was just cruising around the background of sherdog and noticed Bisping was online
Just thought I would drop a "what's up" and Can't wait to see you live Mike.(fighting live that is)

Never mind. gone now
Go ahead and Sh!t can this thread lol"

Well, if you've ever been to Sherdog Forums or even *gasp* participated in the forum then you'll know that this kind of post can leave someone open for attack and it did.

The corresponding post was, "Get laid in your own time princess."

Then Bisping chimed in and found the response to be amusing and wrote, "get laid in yout own time princess, lol.
how we doing guys?

Quickly, the pack of wolves gathered and a lead wolf opened with a question that was burning in the minds of Sherdog regulars:

"Lets get down to it. Why is the UFC feeding you a can? Don't you think you can beat better?"

Michael Bisping responded to the question about his upcoming fight with Elvis Sinosic at UFC 70 in the U.K. on April 21:

"hi, and thanks for all the support. For all the haters, oh well its to be expected.

There has been a lot of talk about elvis being a can and a silly match up for me. I think the poeple with this atitude are completely wrong. He is a tough well rounded experienced fighter who has faced some of the worlds best. Sure he hasnt got the best record but look at some of the guys he's fought.Also a little more respect for the guy as a long standing mma fighter wouldnt go a miss.

Training going well. Obviously one or two hiccups here and there but thats always the way. Looking forward to the fight and im sure you guys wont be dissapointed. Elvis always comes to fight and I sure as hell do so expect fireworks.

Also, all the guys bitching on sherdog constantly need to stop being so pety and look at all the positive developments that are happening in the ufc and mma in general. Its an exiting time for the fans and the fighters so just enjoy it and stop moaning for fuck sake.

the count."

Just so you know, many professional MMA fighters are well connected to the MMA online community and will from time to time participate in discussion with the real fans of mixed martial arts. I noticed this recently at the UnderGround Forum with Joe Lauzon jumping in on page 3 to support a post and also Jorge Gurgel popping in to UFCMania in defence of his friend and fellow fighter Joe Riggs.

Also, you can be sure that the fighters of the TUF5 series starting April 5th will also be active within The Ultimate Fighter Forum and you too can have the chance to chat with your favorite fighter or two.

MMA is a sport unlike most professional sports where you can actually talk with the fighters, hang out with them at MMA events and be treated with respect when you approach them. I have to tip my hat to the professional MMA fighters of today who are doing a valiant job of promoting MMA around the world the way is should be... with respect to the fans. Other professional sports could learn a thing or two about the honour these fighters give back to the fans and their sport.


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  1. MMA fighters pro and amatures are usualy pretty humble people...ive been training in MMA for a few months now and ive trained with pros that fight in smaller shows and ive even trained with some UFC pros and they are some of the coolest down to earth guys ive met...they are actualy the opposite of what most people would think.. they dont have the big tough guy i can kick your ass attitude... usualy the asshole types are the guys that pick fights at bars... even tho these MMA guys can easily beat the shit out of you.. they dont look down on you... i guess they just let thier fighting in the cage speak for its self.


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